Monday, July 16, 2018

Foldable No Cutting Flip Book is here!

Hi everyone!! To say that I am excited to write this post is an understatement! It sure has been a bit since I have last posted and it feels great to sit down and connect with you all again!

I hope you are enjoying your summer and that it has been super relaxing! You ALL deserve it!!

I am excited to share with you about one of my top selling Back to School products. I know you are probably about to click out of this post because I said 'Back to School' and most of you are not even ready to begin thinking about going back to school. I don't blame you!! However, I promise you will want to keep reading!

I have received hundreds of requests about making my 'Editable Back to School Parent Handbook Flip Book' into a foldable (no cutting) flip book.

You may have seen or already own my flip book and will notice that it has always been an editable flip book that needed to be cut and assembled. So many of you have been very happy with that and felt that the editing and assembly was quick and easy! However, I do know that it would save even more time (which we need every second we can get) if the flip book could be FOLDABLE and required absolutely NO CUTTING. It would save paper too!

I have spent hours, days, and weeks creating, editing, and testing a foldable flip book. I had tons of trials and errors, but was determined to make it work no matter what!

I am here to share with you all that I FINALLY have a FOLDABLE NO CUTTING flip book created and ready for you to use!!

This FOLDABLE flip book has been added to my already existing Editable Parent Handbook Flip Book at my TPT Store. I have included step-by-step details with pictures on how to edit, print, copy, and assemble this new foldable flip book.

You also get to choose whether you want to edit the foldable flip book in PowerPoint or Microsoft Word. Whichever program you like best!

For this foldable flip book, you will need 4 pieces of colored paper. They will be copied with the information that you type front to back once you have edited and printed your flip book. Now, I thought the assembly was quick and easy for my cutting flip book, but the assembly for the foldable flip book is so incredible fast and just as easy!

(This is the back of the foldable flip book)

You can check out a video of me assembling the foldable flip book on my Facebook page HERE.

Don't worry... If you still enjoy the CUTTING flip book, that one is still available! I have included BOTH options (foldable and cutting) for you to choose from.

If you already own my Editable Back to School Parent Handbook Flip Book, make sure to go back to your purchases to download this file again to grab the FOLDABLE flip book update!

Click the picture below to check out my EDITABLE Back to School Parent Handbook Flip Book:

A special thank you to so many of you for your patience while I created this foldable flip book. You all are so wonderful!

Thank you for reading! Now go back to enjoying the rest of your summer!

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