Sunday, February 18, 2018

February Centers - First Grade

Hi everyone!! I am so so so excited to be writing my first blog post since having a baby! I am so sorry it has taken so long! Not going to lie, I may have been working on this post for quite awhile, but I finally did it!! I am starting to get back into the swing of things!

I swear I blinked and we are now in February! I wanted to share and show you all my February First Grade Math and Literacy Centers!

These February Centers includes 20 center activities (10 Literacy and 10 Math Activities). A lot of the activities included have multiple options for you to choose from and to differentiate with.

Here they are in action!

Long and Short Vowels: Students match the picture on the heart to the correct word on the frog. Then they determine whether the word has a long or short vowel and place it on the vowel sound.

Plural Nouns: Students will determine whether the word on the car has an -s or -es at the end when they make it plural.

Contractions: Students will determine the 2 words that make the contraction.

Compound Words: Students will build a heart by determining the 2 words that make up the compound word.

Making Words: Students will change the highlighted letter to a different letter to make a new word. They will also find the picture of the new word that they made.

Punctuation: Students will read a sentence and determine the correct punctuation at the end of the sentence.

CVCe WordsStudents will match the CVCe word to the correct picture on the mat. A mystery picture will be revealed when all of the CVCe words are placed on to the correct pictures. 
(**2 different puzzles included)

Read and Match: Students will read a short sentence and match the correct picture to the sentence.

Syllables: Students will play a game where they move around the game board depending on how many syllables the word they choose has. There will be some bumps and bonuses along the way!

Real or Nonsense: Students will choose 2 cards to build a word and they will determine whether the word they built is real or nonsense.

Building Words: Students will use the letters from different February themed words to build and record smaller words. 

Sentence Unscramble: Students will put words in the correct order to make a complete sentence.

Add or Subtract: Students will determine whether the equation needs a + or - sign to make it true.

Missing Addend: Students will determine the missing addend to make the equation true. A work mat is included for students to solve the missing addend.

More, Less, Equal: Students will solve different addition and subtraction equations. They will also determine if the answer is more than, less than, or equal to 12.

Fact Families: Students will build a fact family using the given numbers.

Time: Students will play a bingo game by reading the clock and covering the correct time on their bingo card. Time to the hour, half hour, and a combination of the two are included for you to choose from.

3 Addends with Shapes: Students will choose 3 shapes. They will count the number of sides of each shape to create and solve a 3 addend addition equation.

10 More and 10 Less: Students will choose a number and spin the spinner to determine whether they need to show the number that is 10 more or 10 less.

Roll, Take, Exchange: Students will play a game where they add and take away cubes while also determining how many they have total after each turn.

Word Problems: Students will read different word problems and act them out on a work mat. There are 2 different levels of difficulty included for you to choose from.

Measuring: Students will use hearts to measure the height of different pictures. They will also order the pictures from smallest to tallest.

Balanced Equations Puzzle: Students will build hearts by matching 2 equations that are equal to each other. I have included 3 different puzzles (addition, subtraction, and addition/subtraction combined)

Coins and Sight Words: Students will use a key to determine which coins go with the letters in different sight words. Students will count the coins to determine the total amount of the sight word and match it to the correct value.

What is all included in these February Centers?
• ‘I Can’ kid friendly posters for student independence.
• Recording sheets for student accountability.
• Detailed how to use and prep directions.
• Easy to prep activities.
• Answer Keys

You can grab these February Math and Literacy Centers at my TPT Store by clicking on the pictures below. 

Don't need both February Literacy and Math Centers? Click on the pictures below to get them separately.

I have also bundled ALL of my First Grade Monthly Math and Literacy Centers in many different ways below. You can click on the picture to check them out. 

Thank you so much for stopping by! It feels so great to be back! Happy February everyone!! Have a wonderful week!


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