Thursday, August 10, 2017

Name Activities

Setting up the classroom is very exciting and can be quite overwhelming, but there is always one thing on my mind that seems to take FOREVER to come! I don't know about you, but I literally can't wait for the second I get my hands on my class list! As teachers, we LOVE to label, label, label, label, and did I mention LABEL?!?!

As soon as I look through my class list I officially get into GO mode to get labels created and placed on what seems like 100+ different areas in my classroom. For some reason it makes me feel like my classroom is more ready to go and I feel so much more organized when everything is labeled! I am sure I sound nuts, but maybe there is someone out there that feels the same!

Another thing I absolutely LOVE about getting my class list is that I am able get a head start on creating my different Name Activities for each student.

At the beginning of the school year, I have a HUGE focus on working on names. I have some students that come into my classroom who are able to write their name, some who can almost write their name, and some who do not know how to write their name.

My first year of teaching, I remember thinking 'What in the world do I do with all these different levels of writing names?!', but I have learned that no matter where they are at it is absolutely great and okay! I love to do lots of different name activities that are fun, hands-on, and provide lots of practice. Even if a student already knows how to write their name, the activities include tons of fine motor skill practice as well as many other skills. Everyone benefits!

One of the most requested activities I have had over the years are my name activities that I would post on this blog. I just didn't know how to get them to other teachers since I would enter the names myself. FINALLY... I was able to put together my name activities that you can use in your classroom!

There are 10 different EDITABLE Name Activities that you can type in your own students names! I wanted to make this as easy and user friendly as possible. I have included detailed step-by-step directions with pictures on everything you need to do to add your students names into the activities.
All you need is a computer, PowerPoint, a printer, and you are ready to go!

Here is a look at the name activities included:

Trace, Rainbow Write, Write, and Build

Students trace their name, rainbow write their name, and practice writing their name on their own.

Next, students cut out the scrambled letters of their name at the bottom of the page.

Last, students spell their name correctly and glue the letters in the boxes.

Name Tracing

Trace and Write Names

Draw Self Portrait and Trace and/or Write Names (2 Options)
Option 1: Trace Name Only 

Option 2: Trace and Write Names

Name Puzzle

Students color the bus puzzle with their name on it.

Next, students cut apart the letter puzzle pieces and scramble them.

Last, students put the puzzle back together by spelling their name correctly.

Rainbow Writing

Trace, Write, Rainbow Write

Trace, Rainbow Write, Write, and Find the Letters in Your Name

 How Many Letters in my Name? (2 Options)
This is a great activity to show students how many letters are in their name in a variety of ways. If this is too difficult for the beginning of the year, it is a great activity to use after learning 
numbers 1-10!

Option 1: Students with 10 or less letters in their name. 

Option 2: Students with 11 or less letters in their name. 

**NOTE: If you have a student with more than 11 letters in their name, I would be more than happy to make you an activity for however many letters you need.**

Comparing Names
This is a great ice breaker activity to get your students interacting with each other at the beginning of the year! If this activity is too challenging, it is a great one to use when learning about comparing or length!

I have BUNDLED all of these 10 EDITABLE name activities HERE or you can click on the picture below:

Don't need all of these activities in one bundle? I have separated these EDITABLE Name Activities into 4 different sets. Click below if you are interested in any of these individual sets:

I hope you all are having fun setting up your classroom, enjoying the rest of your summer, or having a great start of the school year!!

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