Thursday, August 17, 2017

Back to School Centers - First Grade

Hi everyone! I know school has officially started for a lot of you and for others it is right around the corner! I am so excited to share with you my First Grade Back to School Centers!!

Centers are probably one of my most favorite things to create and to also do in the classroom! This is the time of day that I swear my students do not even know I EXIST! But that is okay with me because it allows me to get in some time for intervention, guided reading, assessments, and more!

One thing that I feel that has really helped with the management of my centers are the 'I Can' kid friendly posters that are included for each activity. These posters allow students to refer to them anytime they have a question on what to do on the center activity. It has helped keep students on track, engaged, and has prevented a lot of interruptions/questions when I am working with other students. Basically... these 'I Can' Posters are my centers LIFESAVER!!

Here is a closer look at one of the 'I Can' Kid Friendly Posters:

After many requests I have been working on First Grade Centers over the past year and am so excited to to have them ready to go!

These centers are great for First Grade and even for some of your Kinders who may need an extra challenge!

There are 20 Center Activities included (10 Math and 10 Literacy Centers). I like to include a lot of different activities to choose from, differentiate with, or to use them ALL!

Here is a closer look at the activities included in my Back to School First Grade Centers:

Beginning Sounds: Students say the picture name and place the correct beginning sound letter on the kid.

Ending Sounds: Students say the picture name and place the correct ending sound letter on the globe.

CVC Words: Students sound out the picture name and build the CVC word on the lunch tray.

Beginning Digraphs (sh, th, ch, wh): Students will sort pictures onto the bookshelves by the beginning digraph.

Syllables: Students will sort pictures onto book bags by the number of syllables the picture name has.

CVC Mystery Picture: Students will match CVC words to the correct picture on the mat. A mystery picture will be revealed once they are all matched correctly.

Rhyming: Students will build a book by matching the two rhyming words together.

Real or Nonsense: Students will read different words and determine if it is a real or nonsense word.

Sight Words: Students will build different sight words. 
**There are blank cards included for you to make words of your choice.**

Sentence Scramble: Students will unscramble words to build a complete sentence.

Numbers: Students will show numbers (1-10) in a variety of ways and build a bus when they are placed on the correct number.

Addition Sort: Students will solve different addition equations (Sums 3-10) and sort the crayon by the correct sum on the crayon box.

Number Order: Students will put the given numbers on the card in the correct order.

Counting (1-20): Students will count the letters on the paper and match it to the correct number.

One More, One Less: Students will look at the given number on the swings and determine the numbers that are one more and one less.

Ten Frames (1-20): Students will match the correct ten frame to the number on the bus.

Subtraction: Students will solve different subtraction equations and match it to the correct answer.

Base Ten Blocks: Students will match the number on the marker to the correct set of base ten blocks.

Patterns: Students will continue different patterns.

Addition and/or Subtraction Game: Students will solve different addition and/or subtraction equations to try to be the first one to build a school!

What is all included?
• ‘I Can’ kid friendly posters for student independence.
• Recording sheets for student accountability.
• Detailed how to use and prep directions.
• Easy to prep activities.
• Answer Keys

You can grab these Back to School First Grade Math and Literacy Centers at my TPT Store HERE or click on the picture below:

I have bundled ALL of my First Grade Monthly Math and Literacy Centers in many different ways below. You can click on the picture to check them out. 

I will be showing you some closer looks at my monthly First Grade Centers as the year goes on. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! :)


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