Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Thankful Turkey Craft

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?!? Not only am I looking forward to all of the amazing food that I plan to completely indulge in (eating for two came at the perfect time), but I am also excited for a mini break! I am sure you all are too! It is that time of year where things start to get a little overwhelming. Testing is around the corner, lots of holiday events, and just straight up teacher tired!!

Well, I am so excited to share with you all my new Thanksgiving craft that I absolutely can not wait to start with my students! This is my Thankful Turkey Craft!!

This is a writing craftivity that will be an adorable addition to your classroom and/or to your students homes. My favorite part is that this turkey LOVES to sit just about anywhere!! He can even join everyone at the table on Thanksgiving! :)

This craft is a 3D craft that allows students to write different things that they are thankful for and to display it for everyone to see.

Included in this craft are copy templates for easy prep and detailed step-by-step directions with pictures.

You can grab this Thankful Turkey Craft for 50% OFF until Thanksgiving HERE or click on the picture below:

Thank you so much to everyone who has reached out to ask how my pregnancy is going! I have been feeling great, but I am definitely starting to get uncomfortable and moving very slow these days. However, I kind of love it at the same time because I know our little girl is growing strong. I am currently 35 weeks and ready to pop!

Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving!! :)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October Centers - First Grade

Happy October!! I can't believe we are already rolling into this new month! It is officially fall even though it does not feel like it at all here in Kansas! I am ready for all things fall!

Now that October is here, I wanted to give you all a closer look at my October First Grade Math and Literacy Centers.

Now that classroom routines are becoming more established and students are getting the hang of routines and classroom expectations, this is the month that I really see students become independent and on task with their centers time. It is the time of year where centers becomes part of the daily routine and not so much time dedicated to procedures and expectations. As you know it is my favorite part of the day and my students too!

These October centers includes 20 center activities (10 Literacy and 10 Math Activities). A lot of the activities included have multiple options for you to choose from and to differentiate with.

Let's get these centers rolling!

CCVC Words: Students say the picture name next to the fence and build the CCVC word using the letters on the pumpkins.

CVC Words: Students match CVC words to the correct pictures.

ABC Order: Students choose 3 top pieces of candy corn from a bag. They will say each picture name and place the 3 pictures in alphabetical order on the mat. 
(**Choose from pictures with words or without words.)

Beginning Blends: Students will match the beginning blend to the correct picture on the mat. A mystery picture will be revealed when all of the blends are placed on to the correct pictures. 
(**2 different puzzles included)

Short and Long Vowels: Students will say the picture name on the pumpkins. They will determine if it has a long or short vowel and place the pumpkin on the wagon with the long or short vowel sound.

Rhyming Sentences: Students will read the first part of a sentence and determine the second part to make it a complete rhyming sentence. (**10 different sentences included)

Sight Words: Students will choose a sight word card and read the word on the card. If they read it correctly they will roll the dice and move that many spaces forward. There are bumps and bonuses along the way! (**There are also blank cards included for you to write sight words of your choice)

Syllables: Students will sort pictures by how many syllables the picture name has.

Sequencing: Students will read a story and sequence pictures that go along with the story. 
(*There are 4 different sequencing stories included)

**You can also choose from just a sequencing mat without the story attached.

Sentence Unscramble: Students will put words in the correct order to make a complete sentence.

Addition: Students will use a work mat to act out and solve different addition equations.

Subtraction: Students will use a work mat to act out and solve different subtraction equations.

Place Value: Students will count the base ten blocks, find the matching number, and determine how many tens and ones there are.

Time: Students will match the time to the hour on the spider to the correct clock.

Number Order: Students will look at the given numbers and place the owls in the correct order from least to greatest.

Addition and Subtraction Stories: Students will read a short addition and/or subtraction story and act it out on the mat. (**Below is an example of the addition stories)

**Below is an example of the subtraction stories.
You can choose to use addition stories, subtraction stories, or you can use both!

Number Bonds: Students will determine the missing part by acting it out with candy corn (or any manipulative) on the work mat.
**Below is an example of finding the missing part.

**Below is an example of finding the missing whole.
(Choose from finding the missing part or the missing whole. Both are included.) 

Addition and Subtraction Bingo: Students will solve different addition and subtraction equations and cover the answer on their bingo cards. The first to get 4 in a row horizontally, vertically,
or diagonally wins! 
(**Choose from addition cards, subtraction cards, or you can mix them both together.)

Sort and Graph: Students will sort different pictures into the correct category to create a graph. They will fill out data to go with the graph that they built.
(**Included are 3 different sets of pictures to sort. There are also 2 different data sheets to choose from for each graph).

Skip Counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's: Students will count to determine the pattern and place the missing number on the last sunflower stem.

What is all included in these October Centers?
• ‘I Can’ kid friendly posters for student independence.
• Recording sheets for student accountability.
• Detailed how to use and prep directions.
• Easy to prep activities.
• Answer Keys

You can grab these October Math and Literacy Centers at my TPT Store by clicking on the 
pictures below. 

Don't need both October Literacy and Math Centers? Click on the pictures below to get them separately.

I have also bundled ALL of my First Grade Monthly Math and Literacy Centers in many different ways below. You can click on the picture to check them out. 

Thank you so much for stopping by! Happy October everyone!! Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Groovy Joe Dance Party Countdown GIVEAWAY

Hi everyone! Many of you are very familiar with the name Eric Litwin and for those of you who may think they are not, this might help...

Eric Litwin is the # 1 New York Times best-selling author of the original four Pete the Cat books, The Nuts, and Groovy Joe.

Ring a bell?? I bet so!!! His books truly are one of a kind that gets students engaged, excited to read, and are books that they remember for many years! Eric does an absolutely amazing job at bringing literacy and music together in his books and in the classroom! 

Many of you may have read some previous blog posts of mine about his books (Pete the Cat, The Nut Family, and Groovy Joe). These books have been HUGE hits in my classroom and stories that my students LOVE to read over and over! To say that I am a fan of Eric Litwin and his books is an understatement! Not only do I find his books to be so much fun, but seeing the excitement, joy, and learning through my students lets me know that his books are must haves!

Well I am excited to share that... Eric Litwin has done it again!! He and the remarkable artist Tom Lichtenheld are back with their second Groovy Joe story called, 'Groovy Joe Dance Party Countdown'. This groovy story will have students singing, dancing, and learning math to a whole new beat. I must say that I LOVE that this book includes math!!

In this second book, Groovy Joe has a dance party. However, more and more doggies are knocking on his door, asking to come in. However, will there be enough room for everyone? Joe knows just what to do and, soon enough, he has everyone moving and grooving -- the party has only just begun! 

What I love about this story is that there is a very positive message about adapting when faced with adversity. Groovy Joe says, “There’s always room for one more,” providing a wonderfully timely conclusion about inclusivity and diversity.  
Included is Eric Litwin's signature rhyme, repetition, and musical writing style throughout the story while the illustrations really brings to life the practice of addition each time the dog dance party doubles. 

This new and unforgettable Groovy Joe story is all about positivity, creativity, math, and kindness. I have been incredibly fortunate to get this book in my hands which just came out TODAY and I can not be more excited to read it to my students! I just know they are going to fall in love with this book just like they have with ALL of Eric Litwin's books!

GUESS WHAT!?!?! Eric has graciously contacted me and wants to GIVEAWAY his new 'Groovy Joe Dance Party Countdown' book to one of you!!! He has created a very simple entry for you to win a signed copy of his newest book! Trust me, you will want this for your classroom! 

You can enter to win the giveaway HERE or click on the picture of Groovy Joe below:

You can also read even MORE about 'Groovy Joe Dance Party Countdown' HERE where Eric Litwin will teach you and your students Groovy Joe's newest dance called Disco Party Bow WOW!

Eric is also turning up the excitement for books and reading with his fun new song “The Fantastic Scholastic Book Parade.” This fall, schools can host a Fantastic Scholastic Book Parade, make a video of the parade, and post it to Facebook or Twitter.  In January, Scholastic will select a winner to receive a free author visit from Eric Litwin!  

Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY to receive an autographed book of Groovy Joe Dance Party Countdown!! If you did not see the links above, you can enter HERE. The winner will be chosen on Friday, September 22nd!!

Feel free to email me with any questions about the contest! aspoonfuloflearning@gmail.com
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