Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Alphabet Activities NO PREP

The beginning of the year is right around the corner!! One of the biggest things that I focus on with my students for almost the first half of the school year are letters! Not only are letters fun to teach, but seeing the growth in students is truly amazing! I love when those letters 'click' and students are able to identify the letters and their sounds so easily.

I wanted to share with you my Alphabet Printables. These activities have a HUGE variety of effective, hands-on, interactive, and engaging activities to help learn the alphabet. My favorite part about these printable is that there is absolutely NO PREP!! Just PRINT and GO!!!

Students will get to practice letter identification, beginning sounds, fine motor skills, sorting, handwriting, reading, and so much MORE with this BUNDLE.

After introducing and modeling how to write a letter, I like to have students practice tracing and writing the letter on their own. I have them practice the uppercase letter all on one page and then the lowercase letter all on another page. (Perfect for copying back to back!)
I placed beginning dots on some of the letters for students to learn and practice where they should put their pencil to begin to form the letter.  

The next day, I like to follow-up with more writing practice, but this time I combine both the uppercase and lowercase letter on one page. 

A fun way to practice identifying letters is this letter search activity. The gumball machine is full of gumballs with the correct focus letter and some that do not have the focus letter. Students search and color only the gumballs with the correct uppercase and lowercase letters.

This activity is always fun because there is a mystery letter! Who doesn't love a good mystery??? Students use the color code to color the correct uppercase and lowercase letters. 

Another way to practice letter identification is this activity where students cut, sort, and glue letters by whether they are an uppercase or lowercase letter.

While we are practicing identifying letters, we are also working hard on letter sounds. This is a fun beginning sound activity where students say the picture name, they listen to the beginning sound, and color only the balloons with pictures that have the correct beginning sound.

For more beginning sound practice students get to cut, sort, and glue pictures by whether they have the correct beginning sound.

This is one of my favorites! Students get to make a little flip book where they place the pictures with the correct beginning sound under each flap of the flip book. Not all of the pictures have the correct beginning sound so it gives them a little challenge. I have included flip books that have words to go with the pictures and flip books that have no words with the pictures. You get to choose!

This is how the flip book works! I just LOVE listening and watching my students read these flip books. Especially seeing how proud they are of themselves because they can read them on their own!

This activity is packed with lots of practice! Students get to build an uppercase and lowercase letter with puzzle pieces, practice writing the letter, and find/color the correct letter. These letter puzzles really get their brains thinking! Even though they know the letter that they are building they are always so excited and surprised when they build it correctly!  

With all of this learning of the alphabet going on, why not throw in some math!! Students get to color the letters using the color code, count the letters, graph the letters, make tallies, and answer questions about the data. Each letter page has a different amount of letters so that they are not all the same!

Thank you so much for checking out my new Alphabet Printables NO PREP Bundle. This can be found at my TPT Store HERE or you can click on the picture below:
You can also grab each activity in this bundle separately!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful week!
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