Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Father's Day

Happy June!!!! I hope those of you who are officially on Summer Break are getting lots of time to relax and those of you who are not on break yet, I hope you enjoy the last days with your students!! :)

It feels like we were just talking about Mother's Day and now Father's Day is less than 3 weeks away! I am so so so excited to share with you all my Father's Day Crafts!

I was playing around with a few different crafts and could not decide which one to use so... I decided to use all of them!! I have 3 fun and memorable Father's Day Crafts your students can make for their father's.

The crafts you can choose from are: a Wearable 3D Tie, a Tool Belt, and a Tool Box! 
They are ALL included!

**I have also included versions for Grandpa and Uncle too!**

Here is a closer look of each Father's Day Craft:

Wearable 3D Tie
Students get to make a 3D tie craft. They can choose from different decorations to place on their tie to make it their very own!

Students also get to choose from different writing templates to place on the back of the tie. These writing templates range in levels of difficulty and there are 5 to choose from! 

What is sooooo much FUN and special about this 3D tie is that you can wear it!!! 
Check out this 3D tie in multiple colors and with the different writing templates. 
(*Special thanks to my husband for being my model)

Tool Belt
For this craft, students can make a tool belt and place up to 6 different tools in the belt. Each tool has a fill in the blank message for their father that they can fill out or that you can help them with.

Tool Box
For this last craft, students can make a tool box and place up to 6 different tools in the box. The tools are the same as the ones from the Tool Belt.

All 3 crafts are included in this pack as well as step-by-step easy to follow directions with 
pictures for each craft. 

Thank you so much for checking out my Father's Day Crafts! If you would like to grab these crafts, you can check them out in my TPT Store HERE or you can click on the pictures below:

These Father's Day Crafts will be on SALE until the end of the week!

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