Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May/Summer Centers

I can't believe that there are less than 2 weeks left of the school year for me! It has been an incredible year and I couldn't be more proud of my Kinders or I guess I should say my 1st graders!

These last 2 weeks are full of lots of emotions... tired teachers, excited students, some behavior problems, excited teachers, and lots of thoughts on the countdown to summer break!! It can get kind of crazy and can make classroom management a little bit harder than normal.

One thing that I really feel helps with all of those emotions and really really helps with classroom management at the end of the year are fun interactive activities. I have been keeping my students busy and engaged with my May/Summer Math and Literacy Centers!

These centers are great for the end of the school year and even for summer school too! There are TONS of different hands-on activities that really gets students excited for summer while also keeping them engaged and practicing skills learned throughout the year. These centers includes 20 Math and 18 Literacy Activities!

Here is a peek at some of the centers included:

A Dish of Beginning and Ending Sounds
Students look at the picture on the dish and place the beginning and endings sounds on the scoops of ice cream to make the CVC word complete.

Shady Beginning Sounds
In this center, students match the picture to the correct beginning sound letter. A pair of sunglasses are built when they are matched!

Scooping Up Middle Vowels
Students place the middle vowel sound letter next to the correct picture on the bucket.

Bubbles Full of CVC Words
Students get to build CVC words with letters on bubbles.

Ice Cold Ending Sounds
In this center, students match pictures to the correct ending sound letter. A popsicle is built when they match it correctly.

Cooling Off With Words
Students match the picture on the pool to the correct CCVC/CVCC word.

Surfing for Digraphs
Students sort pictures on the surfboards by the digraph sounds. (Digraphs include: th, sh, ch, wh)

Blends Are Sailing
In this center, students will match the picture on the sailboat to the correct beginning digraph on the water.

**There are 10 other literacy centers included in these May/Summer Centers that are not pictured above. Skills in these other centers are: CVCe words, Word Families, Sight Word Unscramble, Building Sight Words, CVC Words, Reading, Rhyming Words, Real or Nonsense Words, and Syllables.**

Roasting Those Sums
Students will solve the addition equation on the fire and match the correct sum on the marshmallow to the equation.

Scoops of Numbers
Students will show numbers in a variety of ways and an ice cream cone will be built. 
Numbers include 1-10 and 11-20.

Build a Sum
Students will sort different addition and subtraction equations and build a sun when the equations are placed on the correct answer. 

Numbers Flying High
In this center, students will order mixed numbers in the cloud using hot air balloons. Numbers included are 1-20 and 11-30.

Surfing for Base Ten Blocks
Students will match the base ten blocks to the correct number on the wave. Numbers included are 10-20 and 20-30.

Let's Make Ten
Students will determine how many more beach balls they need to add to get 10 in all.

Missing Sea Shells
In this center, students will fill in the missing numbers to make the sequence complete. Numbers included are 1-20.

**There are 13 other math centers included in these May/Summer Centers that are not pictured above. Skills in these other centers are: Addition with Pictures, Cross Out Subtraction, Subtraction with Pictures, Measuring, Counting On, Sorting 2D and 3D Shapes, Comparing Numbers, Sorting, Graphing, Patterns, and Counting.**

Each Math and Literacy Center comes with a kid friendly 'I Can' Poster to guide students on how to do each center activity to help promote independence.

You can grab these May/Summer Math and Literacy Centers at my TPT Store HERE or click on the picture below. They will be on SALE until the end of the week!

If you don't need these bundled, I also have these centers separated into just Literacy Centers and just Math Centers. You can click the pictures below to check them out:

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