Sunday, April 24, 2016

Rainbow Writing and FREEBIE

Hey there! I have officially reached that time of year where I am super busy testing students! This is the time of year where I tend to get a bit overwhelmed especially keeping my students busy with meaningful and engaging activities.

I wanted to share with you an activity that I have my students work on at my writing center during testing. It is Sight Word Rainbow Writing, but with a twist! They not only rainbow write sight words, but they also practice writing the sight words on a rainbow using the different colors of the rainbow! It has been a huge hit and very effective!

I promise it is much easier and much more fun than it sounds!

The best part of all is that you get to choose the sight word you want your students to work on. This activity is completely EDITABLE and allows you to type the sight word of your choice right into the worksheet before you print!
Here is how the activity works:

First, students rainbow write the sight word using crayons.

Then, they write the sight word on each row of the rainbow using the correct color and order of a rainbow.

When finished, their writing looks like a rainbow!

This sight word activity is not only great in centers, but can also be used as morning work, homework, and so much more!

Here is a FREEBIE for the sight word 'like'. Click on the picture below to grab the FREEBIE!

You can check out this Sight Word Rainbow Writing Activity at my TPT Store HERE or click on the pictures below.

I hope you can find this activity helpful!

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