Sunday, March 6, 2016

March Math and Literacy Centers

Happy March friends!! I just love this month! Spring is getting closer each day and I am all about the warmer weather! One of my favorite resources for this month is my March Math and Literacy Centers and I wanted to give you a closer look.

These March Centers includes 35 activities (21 Math and 14 Literacy) that are hands-on, interactive, engaging, and cover a wide variety of skills!

Here is a closer look at a handful of my March Math and Literacy Centers:

Beginning of a Rainbow
In this center, students will match the picture on the cloud to the correct beginning sound letter on the pot of gold. The cloud will be at the end of the rainbow.

Climb to the Ending Sound
Students get to practice their ending sounds by matching the leprechaun with the letter to the picture with the correct ending sound. The leprechaun will be standing on top of the hat.

Somewhere Over the Vowels
Students will match the picture on the pot to the middle short vowel sound letter on the rainbow. The rainbow will look like it is coming out of the pot.

Beginning and Ending Sounds
In this center, students will place the beginning and ending sound letters of the given picture on the clouds of the rainbow.

Lucky Word Families
Students will place the correct word family next to the picture to make the word complete.

Clip It Digraphs
Students will place a clip on the picture that has the matching digraph that is given at the beginning or end of their picture name.

Beginning Blend Match
Students get to match the picture on the leprechaun to the beginning blend sound letters that are under the leprechauns shoes.

Shamrockin' Numbers
Students will get to show numbers 1-10 or 11-20 on a number mat in a variety of ways.

Build a Clover
One of my favorites! Students will get to sort different addition equations (choose from sums 3-10) to the correct clover stem. Once they place the correct equations on the stem, a four leaf clover will be made.

Let's Compare
In this center, students will roll two dice, find the matching pictures, and place them on the comparing mat. They will count each group of pictures and determine which one is greater, less, or equal.

Hats in Order
Students will count to determine the missing number. They will place the missing number on the leprechauns head to look like he is wearing a hat!

Stealing the Sum
That tricky leprechaun! In this center, students will solve the addition equation on the box trap and match the sum on the pot of gold to the equation.  

There are TONS of other math and literacy centers included in this bundle! 

Here is a list of ALL of the literacy center skills included:
  • Beginning Sounds
  • Ending Sounds
  • CVC Words (building)
  • Matching CVC Words to Pictures
  • Middle Short Vowel Sounds
  • Sight Words (unscramble and building)
  • Rhyming
  • Sentence Unscrambles
  • Beginning and Ending Sounds
  • Digraphs (Beginning and Ending)
  • Beginning Blends
  • Long Vowels
  • Word Families
  • ABC Order
(These are the Literacy Center 'I Can' Kid Friendly cards that go along with each center activity to provide guidance and to help support independence)

Here is a list of ALL of the math center skills included:
  • Showing Numbers 1-20 in a variety of ways
  • Counting (pictures, ten frames, base ten blocks and tallies)
  • Counting out objects to match a number (1-20)
  • Order numbers by ones (1-30), fives (5-50), and tens (10-100)
  • Writing Numbers by ones, fives, and tens
  • Addition (matching sums to equations, acting out stories, sorting equations by sum)
  • Subtraction
  • Measuring
  • Missing Numbers
  • Sort and Graph
  • Comparing 
  • 2D Shapes
  • Counting On
  • Addition and Subtraction Combined

(These are the Math Center 'I Can' Kid Friendly cards that go along with each center activity to provide guidance and to help support independence)

I like to laminate the 'I Can' cards and the activity cards for durability. Then I place them in a small bucket/tub from the Dollar Tree with many copies of the recording sheet. I place these in my centers cabinets and my students get to choose which center they want to work on.

You can find all of these March March Math and Literacy Centers pictured above and a TON MORE at my TPT Store. They are 20% OFF for the entire week! You can check them out HERE or click on the picture below.

If you do not need both Math and Literacy Centers, I have them separated for you. They still include all of the activities, but they are not bundled together. Click on the pictures below to check them out. 

Have a wonderful week! :)



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