Monday, February 1, 2016

February Centers and FREEBIE!!

Can you believe it is February?!? Where did January go?!?!

As we slide right into this next month, I am so excited to switch out and get my February Centers in my classroom! I just love February! There are so many different events going on in the month that I love to celebrate and teach. There is Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day, and Dental Awareness.

Since there is so much to celebrate, I have included ALL of them in my February Math and Literacy Centers!

If you have followed along in my blog, you will know that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE centers! This is not only my favorite time of day, but my students too! I swear they would rather do centers ALL DAY LONG than anything else! (Well maybe recess too!)

I enjoy centers because this is a time where I not only get to meet with my small reading groups, but it is also a time for students to get to interact with each other in small groups while working together or independently on hands-on, interactive, purposeful, and engaging activities.

My principal came in my room recently during my centers time and told me before she left that I could probably leave the room for a long time during centers time and my students wouldn't even realize I was gone!!

They are truly so engaged in these center activities and I am so excited to share with you the activities I have in my February Centers. There is also a big FREEBIE included too! :)

There are 36 Math and Literacy Centers (22 Math and 14 Literacy) in my February Centers! There are tons to choose from and to differentiate.

You are probably wondering how in the world do I do all of these centers!?! I place these center activities in tubs. When students rotate to a new center they get to choose which activity they would like to work on that is at that center. If you are looking for how I introduce/run centers in my classroom, you can read about it HERE.

Each Math and Literacy center activity is aligned to the Common Core and includes:
• ‘I Can’ kid friendly posters for students
• Recording sheets for student accountability
• The Common Core Standards that each activity is aligned to

Here is a closer look at some of the activities included in my February Centers:

Mailing Some CVC Words
Students sound out the picture word on the mailbox and use the letters on the envelopes to spell the CVC word.

Waving Our Ending Sounds
In this activity, students work on ending sounds by placing the ending sound letter on the flag to the correct picture on the flagpole. 

Super Middle Vowels
Here students will look at the picture on the super hero and place the correct middle vowel sound letter on the blank heart.

Tasty Sounds
In this center, students work on beginning and ending sounds. They will place the beginning and ending sound letters that is on the hershey kisses under the picture on the candy box.

Sight Word Bubbles
Students will build different sight words using the letters on the hearts.

Sentence Scramble
Here students put words in the correct order to build a complete sentence.

A Jar Full of Vowels
In this center, students are sorting pictures on the hearts by their beginning vowel sound letter on the jars.

***There are also 6 other literacy center activities included that are not pictured.

Brushing Our Ten Frames
Student will match teeth filled ten frames to the correct number on the toothbrush. Numbers include 1-10 and 11-20.

Sums Under My Pillow
Here students get to practice solving addition equations on pillows using tooth fairy coins. They will place the sum to the addition equation under the pillow.

Sending Some Tallies
Students will count tallies on the postcard and match the number on the pencil to the postcard. Numbers include 1-10 and 11-20.

Buggy Subtraction
Students will solve subtraction equations on the net and place the love bug with the correct answer on the net.

Robots Add and Subtract
This is a fun game where students solve addition and/or subtraction equations and take the clothespin off the number that is the answer. The first one to remove all of their clothespins wins!

Candy Heart Patterns
In this center, students will continue different kinds of patterns. They also can build their own patterns.

Counting With Love
Students will look at the given number on the bucket and place the numbers that come before and after on each side of the bucket.

***There are also 14 other math center activities included that are not pictured.

I wanted to give you an even better glimpse into my centers by give you all a FREEBIE that includes 4 center activities from my February Centers.

Hooked on Beginning Sounds
Students get to practice matching the picture on the heart to the correct beginning sound letter on the penguin.

Leaping Word
Here students match the picture on the frog to the CVC word on the lily pad. 

Loving Dog Bones
In this center, students will count out dog bones next to the dog to show the number on the balloon. Numbers include 1-10 and 11-20.

Addition Mystery Picture
Students will find the sum to different addition equations. As they find the correct sums, a mystery picture will form.

That was a lot!! Thank you for hanging in there and reading all about my centers! There are so many to choose from which is also great for differentiating center activities!

There are a TON more centers included in this pack that I did not have pictured above. If you would like to check out all of my February Math and Literacy Centers, you can check them out at my TPT store HERE or click on the pictures below.
(You can also get the math and literacy centers separately!)

I promised a FREEBIE for you all and here it is! You can click on the picture below to grab the FREEBIE that includes 4 different center activities. I hope you enjoy!

Thank you again for reading all about my February centers!! I am teaming up again with an amazing group of teachers bloggers for a February I Teach Kinder Linky. They also have TONS of amazing ideas that they want to share with you. Make sure to check them out below!

You can also sign up for monthly freebies from kindergarten teachers!

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