Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Reading in Kinder + FREEBIES!

There comes a time when some things just need to be updated. I have been wanting to update my Sight Word Readers for quite some time and FINALLY have finished!!!

My Sight Word Readers have been updated and the Growing Bundle is officially COMPLETE!!! This bundle has 100 different sight word readers and extension/intervention activities. I changed the covers of each mini reader where students can rainbow write the focus sight word in the title. The fonts and clipart are all new too! I have also included a plan on the order to use these sight word readers.

I also have added an extension activity to each mini reader. This extension activity is great for small group, for take home practice, and so much more! For this extension activity, I have placed all of the sentences from the mini reader onto one page. Students will get to trace and write the sight word, circle the sight word in each sentence, read each sentence, and color the stars for accountability.

These Sight Word Readers have been a huge role in helping my students to become successful early readers! They are used in my classroom every day of every week of the school year.

These readers have given my students the opportunity to:
• Learn and practice reading their sight words 
• Gain confidence, fluency, and independence with their reading
• Read short predictable sentences with picture support
• Get those beginning readers to read!
• Have fun reading!

Each week I have a focus sight word. Every day of that week, we do an activity that involves the sight word mini reader. The excitement that is received from the students each week is incredible to see! When the new week comes, students are so excited to see what the focus sight word is going to be and what their new sight word reader will be about!  Students know the routine pretty well of what we will be doing with the reader each week, but their excitement and eagerness never fades. It continues to increase each week!

A detailed 5 day plan of all the fun we do with these sight word readers is included in this bundle!

Here is a little peek of the 5 day plan:

Day 1: Read the sight word mini reader on a pocket chart.

Day 2: Highlight the focus sight word on the pocket chart. Students help point and read on the pocket chart.


Day 3: Read mini sight word reader as a whole group.

Day 4: Circle the focus sight word in the mini reader.

Day 5: Celebrate! Read the sight word mini reader independently and with a friend!

With this extension/intervention activity, I LOVE to send it home with the student at the beginning of the week with my homework packets. I find it to be so much easier to send this page home instead of the mini reader. The way the mini reader does not get lost and we can keep the mini reader at school to practice with the class. The extension activity can also be used in so many more ways! (intervention, small group, etc.)

My Sight Word Readers includes the sight word books as well as the extension/intervention activity (sight word sentences) that goes along with each book. You can get more details on these Sight Word Readers and Intervention Activities at my TPT Store HERE or click on the picture below:

If you are only interested in the Sight Word Sentences, you can grab those separately HERE or click on the picture below:

You can check out 2 of the sight word readers and extension activities for FREE by clicking on the pictures below:

I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! :)

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