Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mystery Puzzles!!

I am so excited to share with you all one of my most favorite activities to do with my students... MYSTERY PUZZLES!!

Here is a Mystery Puzzle in ACTION! This puzzle focuses on beginning sounds.

After seeing how much fun we had doing them in our centers, I knew I had to make more. I wanted to make these mystery puzzles a little different in a way where everything is on one page, students can show their work on the same page, and there is absolutely NO PREP!! Just PRINT and GO!!

*KEEP READING- A FREEBIE is included!!

The excitement my students have when they get a new puzzle makes these even more fun! They have no idea what the picture is going to be and can't wait to get started on it! I swear they don't even realize they are learning or practicing different skills! They just want to do more and more! I sure don't mind though!! :)

How Do These Mystery Puzzles Work?
-Students work to build a puzzle while also working on a specific skill. 
-Students won’t know what the puzzle is until they place the puzzles pieces on the correct boxes.
-Student record the work they did to build the puzzle for accountability. 

When To Use These Mystery Puzzles?-These puzzles can be used for morning work, centers, homework, group work, and MORE! 

What Is Included?-Multiple different mystery puzzles for each skill
-Answer Key for each mystery puzzle
-Easy Step by Step Directions

What Skills Are Included?
There are so many different skills covered in these mystery puzzles. You can get the skills bundled together or individually. Here is the list of the different mystery puzzles I have created so far and there will be more to come!

- CVC Words 
- Scrambled Sight Words 
- Letter Matching 
- Rhyming 
- CVCC and CCVC Words 
- Beginning Blends 
- CVCe Words 

- Counting 1-20 
- Order Numbers 
- Missing Number 
- Addition 
- Subtraction 
- Mixed Addition and Subtraction 
- Making Ten
- Number Words 
- Time 

I have these mystery puzzles per individual skill and also in BUNDLES where you can SAVE BIG!! Over 30% SAVINGS!! You can get different bundles:
- The Ultimate Math Mystery Puzzles BUNDLE   (multiplication is not included)


Here is a look at each individual mystery puzzle skill. You can click on the picture to get an even closer look at the specific skill at my TPT Store.









Thank you so much for reading all about my new Mystery Puzzles! I hope you enjoy!
As a special thank you, here is a mystery puzzle for you to try for FREE!
Grab it for FREE HERE or click on the picture.

Enjoy! :)

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