Thursday, October 8, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood

One of my favorite units during the year are my Fairy Tale Units. I just love reading the classic fairy tales that I remember my teacher reading to me when I was younger! I have a few fairy tale units that I have made, but knew I wanted to make more! Little Red Riding Hood was one of the next fairy tales that I knew I wanted to work with!
I am so excited to share with you that I have just finished the Little Red Riding Hood Unit! The activities included in this unit are hands-on, interactive, and lots of fun! There are literacy and math activities, anchor charts, crafts, games, and MORE! 17 different activities to be exact!
I wanted to create another fairy tale unit that would give students a deep understanding of the different story elements while also having a BLAST!

Here is what is all included:

• Little Red Riding Hood Story Elements Anchor Chart
• Little Red Riding Hood Student Story Elements Interactive Book
• 3D Basket Craftivity
• Board Game (different skill options to choose from)
• Create a Class Book- Would Would You Bring Grandmother?
• Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood Craft
• What Would You Do? Writing Activity
• Mystery Puzzles (5 different puzzles and skills)
• Would You Walk Through the Dark Woods/Forest Alone? Graph and Data
• Counting/Addition Mini Reader
• Spin and Graph
• Who Do You Believe? Graph, Data, and Writing
• Who Do You Believe Craft
• Comparing Lon Po Po and (Little) Red Riding Hood Anchor Chart and Activities
• Comparing Stories Anchor Chart
• Favorite Story Writing Activity

Here are descriptions for each of the activities included:

One of the most difficult things while making this unit was which version of 'Little Red Riding Hood' do I choose?!?! There are so many wonderful versions of the story so I did my best to make the unit where you can do the activities with any version of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. I used the story 'Red Riding Hood' by James Marshall, but you can choose any version you would like. Other stories that go along with this unit are 'Lon Po Po' by Ed Young and 'Honestly, Red Riding Hood is Rotten!' by Trisha Speed Shaskan'

I have some of the activities in this unit below to share with you all. (Not all of the activities in the unit are pictured).

Interactive Student Story Elements Book- This is a hands-on book that will really give students a deeper understanding of the different story elements and in a fun way!




3D Basket Craftivity! (2 different options) This option is retelling the story :)

Would You Walk Through the Woods? Class Graph (not pictured) and Data- I definitely would not!! I am scared of the dark!!!

A fun little writing activity where students write about what they would do if they saw the wolf in the woods.

Make a class book for everyone to enjoy! Students will write about what they would bring Granny/Grandmother (both options included). This is great to put into your classroom library for all your students to read! Of course I would bring Granny some pizza!

Make Little Red Riding Hood and/or the Wolf for fun or to go along with one of the activities included in this unit.

Choose from a counting or addition mini reader.

Spin and graph the characters! There are a few options included.

After reading Lon Po Po and completing the anchor charts to go with the story (picture not included), students will get to compare the stories with a flip book and/or Venn diagram.

Another adorable story, 'Honestly, Red Riding Hood Was Rotten!' tells what happened in the Wolf's point of view. Now it is time to decide who do we believe?!?! A class graph (not pictured) and data to go along with who we chose to believe.

A writing activity to go along with who we believe.

And of course a craft!!

Now that we have read different versions of the story, it is time to choose and write about our favorite story!

I apologize for not having all of the activities pictured above, but there are even MORE activities included in this Little Red Riding Hood Unit! That makes it exciting! You can check it out at my TPT Store HERE or click on the picture below.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! :)


  1. Hey, this is a really nice blog. You are really doing the world a favour. I like how colorful this post is.

  2. Your work is just amazing. Children are definitely gonna love it. I also have a great intrest in fairy tales. Your art work is also beautiful.Keep sharing


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