Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween FREEBIES!!!

I can't believe Halloween is already here?!?! If your class is anything like mine, they have been reminding you about Halloween since the beginning of September!! The anticipation for our Friday celebration is HUGE and we are so close to getting a much deserved and SUPER FUN day!!!

There are so many incredibly wonderful and fun Halloween activities to do! Where do you even begin?!?

I wanted to share with you some activities that I like to do with my students and the best part is that they are ALL for FREE!!!!

If you have not had a chance to get some ideas and activities together, I hope this can help you out!

#1 Favorite Candy Corn
Students will get to taste different kinds of candy corn: regular, pumpkin, Indian, and caramel. They will choose which kind of candy corn was their favorite and make a large class graph.

Then they will record the data.

Next, students will get to make an adorable craft of their favorite kind of candy corn using paint and Q-tips.

After they make their craft, they can write about which kind of candy corn was their favorite.

#2 Roll and Color
Students will roll 1 or 2 dice (depending on what you decide), count the dots, and color/cover the matching number on the ghost. The first to color/cover all of the numbers on the ghost wins!

#3 Halloween Treat Labels
I just love making a little treat bag for my students! I also like to buy them plastic fangs and place a label through them that says, 'Have a FANGtastic Halloween!' 

#4 Halloween Bag Craft Number Match
This is a super easy prep activity! Take a large piece of construction paper (18"x9") and fold it in half. Make zig zag cuts on the top of one end. Add a handle. Open up the folded paper and have students cut out different groups of candy corn and match it to the correct number. Have them glue the matching candy corn and numbers. Have students add a face to the front of the paper! You can grab the candy corn pictures and numbers HERE.

If you did not see the link above for the candy corn pictures and numbers, you can grab them HERE!

#5 Popcorn Monster Hands
Every year I ask our cafeteria staff for some plastic gloves. Have students place a piece of candy corn in each finger. Then add popcorn to fill the fingers and hand. Use a zip tie to close the glove. Then it's time to eat!! I usually have students make two hands so that they can eat one during school and the other one at home.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween and lots of FUN during your Halloween celebrations at school this week! 

If you would like to grab these activities, you can grab them HERE at my TPT Store or click on the pictures below.

Happy Halloween!!!

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