Monday, September 7, 2015

Homework UPDATE!!

A day in the life of a teacher is unlike anything we can describe to someone unless they have been in our shoes or have been to our classroom for an entire day. We are on the go ALL DAY long with more things going on than one can believe! On top of everything, we want to make sure our students continue their learning at home in an effective, productive, and fun way! 

I remember when my school had a meeting a few years ago about homework policy and how we needed to start sending homework home with the students each week. I was almost in tears because at the time I couldn't imagine putting more on my plate. I pulled myself together though and decided to start making some weekly homework packets.
I wanted to make these homework packets hands-on, engaging, interactive, follow the common core, and FUN for my students.

I tested these packets that I created for a year and waited to get feedback from my parents and students. The feedback from them was better than I ever expected! I had parents tell me that their child is so incredibly excited when they come home each week with the new homework packet! Parents also enjoyed helping their child and watching them do a lot of their homework on their own! They really loved watching their child gain a lot of confidence and independence throughout the school year.

Not only did I wait for feedback, but I also wanted to see the growth of my students learning. I was blown away seeing how much growth they gained.

I put these homework packets together in a way that is easy for you to prep, that is effective for your students, and hopefully will help make your week a little easier. 

I created 10 months of homework (40 Weekly homework packets) that will take you through the school year and includes little to no prep! We are all so busy and can use something easy to put together and effective for our students!! :)

Each homework packet includes:
-3 literacy and 3 math activities
-A list of Common Core Standards that are covered in each homework packet.
-Easy to follow directions with very little to no prep work for each week
-TONS of organization to make it easy for you
-Cover sheets for parents/guardians and students to check off after completing each activity
-Lots of continued learning and FUN!

Throughout the summer, I have been going back through my weekly homework packets and giving each activity a much needed MAKEOVER! I am so happy to let you know that I have officially finished updating the entire year of homework!!

NEW updates to the homework packets:
-New fonts
-New clipart
-New activities
-A 5th week of homework added to October.
-And MORE!!

***If you already own my homework packets, make sure to download the file again to grab all of the new updates! :)

You can get these homework packets BUNDLED for the year with over a 30% SAVINGS. You can get the bundle in English ONLY or English and Spanish Directions. (Click on the pictures to check them out).
OR you can grab these homework packets by individual months. Here are the English ONLY monthly homework packets. (Click on the pictures below to check them out).





Here are the monthly homework packets with English and Spanish Directions. (Click on the pictures below to check them out).





I hope you find these homework packets to be a big help in your classroom! Thanks so much for reading about my homework! :)

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!


  1. These look wonderful! I absolutely love ALL your work, they are great resources.

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you so much!! You just made my day! Happy Friday!! Have a wonderful weekend! :)


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