Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Break= Lots of Updates!!!

Hi everyone! It has been what feels like FOREVER!!!!!!! I have not blogged in over a month and feel like I have neglected it!! So excited to be back at it! First of all, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer break! I love the summer to unwind, rest, recharge, and do lots of updates on my products! :)

I wanted to share some of the updates I have been working on so far this summer. I plan to do lots more, but wanted to share with you some new things! :)

Update #1: Numbers 1-20 Mega Bundle has turned into a SUPER MEGA BUNDLE!!!

This MEGA BUNDLE use to include only my Numbers 1-10 Galore Activities and my Teen Number Galore Activities. I have now added ALL of my Numbers 1-20 activities into this MEGA BUNDLE. Here is what is all included now:
-Numbers 1-10 Activities Galore (**2 new activities included)
-Teen Numbers Activities Galore
-Number Boards 1-10
-Number Boards 11-20
-Number Hats 1-10
-Number Hats 11-20

This bundle has been raised in price, but you will  be SAVING 30%. Also, I have the bundle on SALE for an additional 30% until the 4th of July! Here is a preview of what is all included in this Numbers 1-20 Super Mega Bundle!

Update #2: Numbers 1-10 Activities Galore (I have updated the entire pack and have added 2 new activities!)

I have added new fonts, graphics, borders, and 2 brand new activities to this pack!
Here is a peek at the 2 new activities included:

I have completely given my Back to School Centers a much needed MAKEOVER!! There are 29 centers included (16 math and 13 literacy activities) and each activity is aligned to the common core, includes 'I Can' kid friendly posters, and recording sheets for student accountability.


Here are a handful of the math and literacy center activities included:


I can't wait to share with you some more summer updates! Coming soon! :)


  1. Hi Jamie!
    So glad to see that you are back! I missed your blog very much! I really enjoyed the ocean theme for the end of the year activities! One question as getting ready for the fall - the parts of the apple pieces, are they included in the Apples theme packet from you?
    Now please enjoy the summer time and I am really glad you are back!

    1. Hi Maryann! I just sent you an email :) Hope you are doing great and having an amazing summer! :)



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