Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ocean Fun! Part One

We sure were feeling close to summer this week with part one of our Fun in the Ocean Unit! We had a blast kicking it off learning about the ocean, fish, sharks, and whales! I LOVE their excitement when they walk in the room each day and are looking and guessing which ocean animal they are going to get to learn about. They make each day so much fun!
Come take a peek at our part one ocean fun week!
We had fun solving addition and subtraction equations on shells. We glued them on the correct answers and had the shells flip down to see the answer!


We played a fun comparing game of who had the larger answer for the addition and subtraction equations. This was a twist on the traditional game of 'war' and really had my students thinking!


Before we started reading a nonfiction book about the ocean, I had my students discuss what they already knew about the ocean and what they wondered about the ocean.

I had them write something they knew about the ocean and something that they wondered.


Then we read a nonfiction book about the ocean and wrote some new learning on our KWL chart.

We drew some pictures of ocean animals and wrote some facts that we learned. We also used water colors to paint an ocean and used that as the cover for our writing!


Today was time to learn about fish!! We started the day with finding missing numbers by 1's, 5's, and 10's.

Then we had so much fun fishing in our classroom (no water involved)!!! We fished for addition and subtraction equations and placed them on the fish bowl with the correct answer. 


Today was all about fish!! We read a nonfiction book about fish and worked together on some interactive writing to make a fish anchor chart with our new learned facts about fish.

Then I had my students write some fish facts that they learned on their own.

Time for a craft!! If you haven't noticed from our weekly units, I love incorporating crafts to go with our learning!! We painted fish to place our writing behind it. I loved how beautiful and unique each fish turned out!



We have been working so hard on really paying attention the the + and - signs in our equations. They are really doing good with it and we have kind of made it into a little game. I always say "Who am I going to trick today????" 
They love and feel so proud of themselves when they solve all of their equations correctly and don't get tricked by me! Today we solved addition and subtraction equations on fish and placed them on the correct answer. Each fish flipped up on the fish bowl to see the answer.

We read the adorable story, 'The Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister and wrote about how they would be a good friend. We made the rainbow fish too! We used tissue paper and some aluminum foil. The foil was just that special touch that we needed to make our rainbow fish!



It's shark day!!! The excitement to learn about sharks was so cute and fun!! We practiced acting out subtraction equations on a mat. The shark kept eating some of the fish!!!

We colored, cut out, and glued a shark onto a paper bag. We solved different subtraction equations by placing the correct number of fish (take away) in the sharks stomach/bag. However many fish were left was the answer!


We made an interactive writing anchor chart about sharks. We learned so many fun facts about them!

I had students do some writing on what they learned about sharks. 
Then it was time for a shark craft of course!!!




We had some shark attacks happening in our classroom!!

We read the cute story, 'Clark the Shark Dares to Share' by Bruce Hale. We wrote about how we would share and then made Clark the shark!

Next it was time to learn about whales!!! We had fun in math with food!! I think we all know that food brings excitement in all situations :) We determined how many more we needed to get to 10 using a whale and goldfish.

We also solved subtraction equations in a mini reader. We filled in the blanks by using the pictures and wrote subtraction equations to go with the pictures and sentence.

We read a nonfiction book about whales and completed an anchor chart together. 

Then we did some writing on our own and made a whale craft to go with our facts!


What an amazing and fun week we had in the ocean!!! I can't wait for part 2 of this ocean unit next week! There will be lots more sea animals, learning, and fun happening! If you would like to see more details on this Fun in the Ocean Unit, you can check it out at my TPT Store HERE or click on the picture below.

I have also separated the math activities and literacy activities in case you don't need both! :) Click on the pictures below to see this unit separated.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :)

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