Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fun on the Farm! Part Two

Happy May everyone! This month is officially our last month of the school year! WHAT?!?! I can't believe I just typed that! We have less than 3 weeks left of school but also 3 weeks left of fun! There will be lots of testing these next few weeks, but we will be keeping busy with our units. We continued our Fun on the Farm Unit this week! We learned all about chickens, sheep, and horses! There was lots of hands-on learning, crafts, and fun!
Come take a peek at part two of our farm week!
We continued to work on comparing numbers, but this time instead of comparing groups we compared numbers 0-10. We played a card game to find the greater number with a partner.

Today we learned all about chickens! I had my students do some interactive writing to make an anchor chart on facts we learned about chickens.

Then my students wrote some facts on their own. We made a chicken craft and placed their writing under the stomach!


We worked more on comparing numbers and practiced using our greater than, less than, and equal to symbols.

We did some practice on our own too!

Since we were learning about chickens, we read the adorable story, 'Chicken Little'. Then we sequenced who the chicken came across in the story.

We read different addition stories about farm animals. We cut/glued pictures to show the story and also wrote an addition equation to go with the story.


Today we learned about sheep! We worked together on creating an anchor chart on some fun facts that we learned about sheep.

Then my students wrote some facts on their own.

We of course made a sheep craft to place our writing on! These sheep turned out soooooo cute!!!



We read the adorable rhyming story, 'Sheep in a Jeep' and wrote some rhyming words on a jeep with sheep!

We read different subtraction stories about farm animals, drew pictures to show the story, and used different subtraction strategies to solve the equation.


Today we learned about horses! We worked together to make an anchor chart on all of our new facts about horses.

Then I had my students write some horse facts on their own.

I bet you knew that we were going to make a horse craft too! We placed the students writing under their stomach.


We played a fun farm game at our tables. Students solved different addition and subtraction equations to determine how many spaces to move forward. The first player to the barn won! There were some bumps and bonuses along the way! This was such a fun game!



After learning about different farm animals the past 2 weeks, it was time to pick our favorite farm animal! Students wrote about which animal was their favorite and why. Then they added a fun cover where I turned the students into farmers next to their favorite farm animal.


We did a large class graph of our favorite farm animal.

We had such an amazing 2 weeks learning about animals on the farm! If you would like to see what is all part of this 2 week Fun on the Farm Unit, you can check it out at my TPT store HERE or click on the pictures below:

Next week we will begin our 2 week unit on the Ocean!! This is our last unit of the year and I can't wait to dive into it with my students!

Have a wonderful week everyone!!

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  1. will you sell just the Chicken Little retell worksheet? I don't want/need the entire $10 download.


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