Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ocean Fun! Part Two

We continued learning more about ocean animals this week with part two of our Fun in the Ocean Unit! We learned about dolphins, sea turtles, crabs, octopuses, and chose our favorite ocean animal that we learned about over the past 2 weeks. This unit might be one of my favorites! The anchor charts, math and literacy activities, games, books, and crafts were so much fun! Not to mention the students excitement each day! If you missed my post about part one of our fun in the ocean unit, you can check it out HERE.
Come take a peek at part two of our ocean fun week!
We practiced solving addition and subtraction equations and coloring the picture by the answer. We are really mastering understanding the difference between the + and - signs. So proud!

We played bingo under the sea! I had the students fill in their own cards with numbers 0-10. Then I would read an addition or subtraction equation. The students would determine the answer and cover the answer/number on their bingo card. Anytime someone had a bingo, they would shout "BINGO UNDER THE SEA!!!"

This little clear rock was the prize for the winners. I made sure everyone was a winner in the end though! :)

We read a nonfiction book about dolphins and worked together to make an anchor chart full of facts that we learned.

Then I had students write some facts on their own.

And we made a dolphin craft to go with our writing!


We read a mini addition reader about animals in the ocean. Students would use the pictures to fill in the blanks in the sentence. Then they would write an addition equation to go with the sentence.


We played a game with our friends at our tables. Each student was an ocean animal that started in the water and their goal was to be the first one to the treasure. They would solve addition and subtraction equations to determine how many spaces they could move forward. There were some bumps and bonuses along the way though! Such a FUN game to play!! We added this to our math centers when we were done :)


We learned about sea turtles today! We read a nonfiction book about sea turtles and made an anchor chart with some fun facts that we learned.

Then I had my students write some facts that they learned.

We also made a sea turtle craft and placed our writing behind the shell!

We read and acted out addition stories with pictures.

Today was all about crabs!! We used the internet to learn facts about crabs today. We made this anchor chart with some facts that we learned about crabs.

Then students wrote some facts on their own about crabs.

After our writing, we made a crab craft! The students had so much fun playing with these crafts and having their crabs walk sideways all over the classroom!

We also read the adorable story, 'House for Hermit Crab' by Eric Carle. We sequenced the different things that Hermit Crab added to his shell.

Today we read and acted out subtraction stories with pictures.

We painted a shell just like the one in the story, 'House for Hermit Crab' by Eric Carle.

We added all of the things to Hermit Crabs shell.

We also had fun choosing what we would add to Hermit Crabs new shell. I had students choose pizza, cars, sparkles, barbies, clothes, hair, glasses, and more! 


Next we read a nonfiction book about octopuses! We did some interactive writing to write some facts that we learned.

Then I had my students write some facts about octopuses. We kept these in a safe place to make our octopus craft the next day.

We had some octopuses missing some of their tentacles!!! My students painted the correct amount of tentacles on to each octopus to have 8 tentacles in all!

We got to make our octopus craft today!!! We placed our writing from yesterday under the head. Our favorite part was using our glue sticks to make the tentacles curly!!



Today our octopus craft ended up on some heads! Oh the things they think of!!! Too funny!!

Now that we have learned about ocean animals over the past 2 weeks, it was time to choose our favorite one! We made a large class graph to show our favorite ocean animal! It was close, but the octopus won!!

To end our ocean unit, I had each student write about their favorite ocean animal and why it was their favorite. They made an ocean craft that highlighted their favorite ocean animal. We added laminate to the front to make the animal look like it was swimming in the ocean! Sorry for some shiny pictures!




What an amazing two weeks we have had learning all about the ocean!! You can check out this Fun in the Ocean Unit and all that is included at my TPT Store HERE or you can click on the picture below:

This unit is also separated in to just math activities and just literacy/writing activities. You can click on the pictures below to check them out:

This week officially marked the last full week of school for the year!! I can't believe it! This also is our last thematic unit of the year. Next week will be full of fun and ending the year making as many memories as possible! I sure am going to miss this group of students, but know they are more than ready for first grade and I could not be more proud of them!! Their first grade teachers are going to be so lucky to have them!!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :)
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