Friday, April 17, 2015

All About Spring and Plants!

It is really starting to feel like spring... finally!!! The weather is starting to warm up and this week was all about spring and plants! I sure do love spring and especially the warmer weather! We had a lot of fun with different spring and plant activities this week and everyone got to plant their very own bean seed! We are so excited to check them everyday and can't wait to observe the different stages!
Come take a peek at our spring and plants week!
We read a few nonfiction books about spring and made an anchor chart about what we feel, smell, see, and hear in the spring.

We planted our very own bean seeds today. It was so much fun and my students loved getting to use spray bottles to get the paper towel wet. They did such a great job at setting up their seed bag all on their own!

I rolled up our curtains, opened up the blinds, and taped each been seed bag to our window to get as much sunlight as possible.


We also started to work on our bean plant observation books. We will be working in this book over time as the seed grows.


We used our chart from yesterday to help us write sentences about what we feel, hear, smell, and see in the spring.



We also learned about the different parts of a plant. We made a flip book to label and describe what each part does.


We read the nonfiction book, 'From Seed to Plant' and then made an anchor chart about what plants need, have, and are.

 We used this chart to make our very own booklets all about plants! We used cupcake liners for the flowers and they turned out so cute and very informative! 



We are patiently waiting for our bean seeds to grow and are so excited! We talked about the life cycle of a plant which made us even more excited for what we will get to observe next with our seeds!

We made a flip book that shows all the different stages of a plant.


We ended the day with a fun sight word game. Each group placed a bunch of flowers with sight words on them all over their tables. I shouted out a sight word and the first person that touched the correct sight word got to keep the flower! This was so much fun and there were TONS of laughs and smiles! :)

Friday- No School
We had a random day off today! It was the perfect time before we head into the last busy month of school! AHHH I can't believe I am saying that! I am having so much fun with my kinders and have so much in store for them this next month! :)

These activities above are from my Spring into Plants Pack. You can find this at my TPT Store HERE or click on the pictures below:

Next week we will begin our two week adventure with Fun at the Farm!

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