Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Week of Easter Fun!

This week was FULL of Easter activities! We had lots of fun with bunnies, chicks, eggs, baskets, and carrots! We worked on this Easter Fun Unit a week after Easter this year, but I guess it is better late than never! Right?? :)
Come take a peek at our Easter Fun Week!
This week we worked on decomposing numbers. We practiced this by using eggs in baskets. I like to show them how to decompose numbers with eggs by starting with all of their eggs on the first basket and writing an addition equation to go with it. Then they slide 1 egg over to the other basket and write the new addition equation. They keep doing this until all of their eggs are in the 2nd basket.


After we practiced decomposing a few numbers on the baskets, I had them decompose the numbers 3, 4, and 5 on their own in a flip book. 


We read the story, 'The Best Easter Eggs Ever' by Jerry Smath. I stopped reading right before the Easter Bunny chose his favorite decorated egg. I had my students predict which egg they thought the Easter Bunny was going to choose. After that, we read the rest of the story and drew the results on the other egg.



We practiced rhyming words with these cute chicks and had them hatching out of their rhyming 
word egg!

We continued working on decomposing numbers, but today we decomposed the numbers 6, 7, 8, and 9. We used the same strategy as yesterday, but we used carrots and rabbits today!


We painted our very own easter egg. A paper easter egg that is! The kiddos loved this!! It was so quiet in the room because of how hard they were concentrating on painting their egg. They turned out so great!


After our eggs dried, we wrote descriptive sentences about our egg.

We had a lot of fun building words with eggs! I placed a bunch of letters on their tables for them to build and record the words. 


We sorted addition equations by their sums and placed them on the correct rabbit. We made this into a tri-fold to make the rabbits look like they were standing on our tables!


Since we were working so hard on decomposing numbers, I wanted to add some more fun to it! I placed a certain number of jelly beans in plastic eggs. The number of jelly beans I placed in the eggs were not all the same. I had each student pick an egg. However many jellybeans were in the egg they chose was their secret number AND the number they would decompose on their own. It was so much fun and exciting to find out our secret number! They used each half of their plastic egg to decompose their secret number using the jellybeans.


We read the cute story, 'Bunny Trouble' by Hans Wilhelm and talked about how we would save Ralph.  I had my students write about how they would save him and then we made a 'Ralph' craft to go with our writing.


We played musical tables! I placed a mixed up sentence on each table. I had students walk around in small groups to each table and they worked together to make a complete sentence with the words. They also recorded the sentences they made.

We reviewed subtraction today and had a lot of fun acting out subtraction stories. One students was the rabbit while the others were carrots. The rabbit would come along and eat some of the carrots! We worked together to determine how many were left.

Then they got to work on their own practicing subtraction equations with a rabbit and carrots. They placed the correct number of carrots on the field and then had the rabbit come and eat some of the carrots. This was a lot of fun and great hands-on practice to solve subtraction equations.

Next we sorted different eggs and filled in information to go with the graph.

We read the story, 'The Big Easter Bunny and the Eggs' by Steven Kroll and sequenced where the bunny hid.

Then I had my students sequence the story in a mini book and write about where they would have hid the Easter Bunny.

We sorted Easter M&Ms by their colors and filled in information to go with their sorting.

Then we had some MORE candy and practiced subtraction equations! I had them place the correct number of jellybeans in the basket and then take away or EAT the jellybeans to determine how many were left. 


We read the adorable story, 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit'. We worked together to fill in a story map.

We also wrote about the different story elements in a Peter Rabbit flip book!



I surprised my kiddos with the Easter Baskets and an EASTER EGG HUNT!!! The weather was not great today, so we had the egg hunt in our classroom! 
These baskets are my favorite and I have been making them for years! I found them on Pinterest and they are just soooo cute!


 And they were off!!


I hope everyone had a great week! 

You can check out all of these Easter activities in my Easter Fun Pack at my TPT Store HERE or you can click on the picture below:

Next week is all about Spring and Plants!

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