Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fun on the Farm! Part One

I am so sorry for such a late post this week! Life and school has been BUSY BUSY BUSY!!! Anyone else feeling this way? Better late than never though... right?!?
Last week we had lots of fun on the farm with the first part of our Farm Unit! The first part of the unit we learned about farmers, cows, and pigs. We read nonfiction and fiction books to go with the animals and did lots of fun crafts, math, and literacy activities!
Come take a peek at our part one on the farm week!
We sorted, graphed, and filled in information to go with our graph using different farm animals.

We also worked in a mini math book about farm animals where we counted the pictures to make the sentence complete and wrote an addition equation to go with the pictures and sentence.


Today we read a nonfiction book about farmers. I had my students do some interactive writing to make an anchor chart with facts we learned about farmers.

Then they wrote some facts about farmers on their own.

We painted the white trim on a barn with Q-tips.

Then we placed our facts we wrote about farmers behind the barn to make it into a book all about farmers!


Today we painted some spots on cows with Q-tips to help us solve addition equations.

We read a nonfiction book about cows and made another interactive anchor chart together. This time we placed information that we learned about cows.

I had my students write facts about cows on their own and then they placed their writing behind an adorable cow craft. I love how cute and unique these cows turned out!



We worked on comparing groups today. We found which group had more and which group had less. We used farm related pictures of course!

To go along with our cow learning, we had a blast reading 'Click Clack Moo, Cows that Type' by Doreen Cronin. I had my students pretend to be a cow writing a letter to Farmer Brown (just like the story). They each wrote what they would like to have. This was so much fun!

The best part of the day was when we made butter!! YEP!! Butter in the classroom!! It is so easy and of course so much fun!! All you need is heavy whipping cream, salt, and a jar. Shake it as hard as you can until it turns into butter! We had the jar go around to each student in a circle twice where they shook it as hard as they could! When we opened up the jar it was so neat to see the butter and it was absolutely DELICIOUS!! We put the butter on some mini bagels to enjoy!




We made a mini book about 'How to Make Butter'. We took this home to show our families in case they want to make some too! :)

We worked more on comparing numbers by playing a greater than card game using numbers and pictures to go with the numbers.


Today we started to learn about pigs. We read a nonfiction book about pigs and made an interactive informational anchor chart to show our new learning.

I had my students write some facts on their own about pigs.

We made a cute pig craft and placed our pig facts writing under the stomach!

Now that we have had a couple of days to practice comparing groups, we were ready to use the greater than, less than, and equal to symbols. We practiced comparing 2 groups today and wrote the correct symbol to compare the groups.


Since we were learning about pigs, we read the adorable story 'If You Give a Pig a Pancake' by Laura Numeroff. We sequenced all of the things the pig wanted in the story. She sure wanted a lot of things!!


We had lots of fun reading the story and had even more fun with a cause and effect activity. We thought of something we would give the pig and what the pig may ask for after receiving it (cause/effect). They came up with some great ideas! We made a pig craft to go with it :)

(Cause: movie   Effect: popcorn)
(Cause: van   Effect: keys)
(Cause: jar of jam   Effect: toast)

We are already working hard and having fun in part two of our farm unit! I can't wait to share it with you all this weekend.

You can check out this Fun on the Farm Unit at my TPT Store HERE or click on the picture below:

I also have this unit separated into ONLY Math and ONLY Literacy activities. You can click on the pictures below to check them out as well.

I hope everyone is having a great week and had a great weekend!
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