Saturday, March 14, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Fun!

We have officially finished the last week of the third quarter! Wow has time been flying by this year! We ended our last week with lots of St. Patrick's Day activities. We had fun with some sneaky leprechauns, crafts, math activities, and wrote our very own stories from my St. Patrick's Fun Pack!

Come take a peek at our St. Patrick's fun week!
We started the week reading different addition stories, highlighting the key words/important information, cutting/gluing pictures to show the addition story, and writing an addition equation.


We also have been working hard at paying close attention to the + or - sign in different equations. We practiced this pot of gold flip up activity with different addition and subtraction equations.

We read the story, 'That's What Leprechauns Do' and made a chart about what leprechauns can do, have, and are.

We filled in our very own charts to use for tomorrow.

We made these adorable leprechauns today. I had my students pick a number between 1-10. Then they had to think of an addition and subtraction equation that equals the number that they picked. These turned out so cute and each had their own little personal touch!



We used our information chart from yesterday to write about different things we learned about leprechauns in a flip book.



We read a little mini reader about a leprechaun who lost his pot of gold. We used this mini reader to focus on the beginning, middle, and end of a story. Here is a peek at a few of the pages of the mini reader.


We also used the mini reader to help us get inspiration to write our very own leprechaun story. We worked on a writing organizer together.

We had so many ideas at this point! So, I had them get their very own writing organizer and allow them to write their own ideas for their stories.


Today we read different subtraction stories, highlighted the key words/important information, cut/glued pictures to show the subtraction story, and wrote a subtraction equation.



We used our story organizer from yesterday to start writing our leprechaun stories. I am so proud of how well they did at looking at their organizers to give them ideas on what to write for each part/page of their stories.

We needed to move around a little, so we searched for lucky four leaf clovers around the room and wrote the CVC word that went with the picture on the clover.


After all of this leprechaun talk this week, we decided if we do or do not believe in leprechauns.

We LOVE candy!! We sorted skittles by their colors and thought it was so neat how it looks like a rainbow! We also filled in information to go with the skittles that we sorted.

We played a fun board game with our friends at our tables. We solved addition and subtraction equations to move forward. We had to watch out for that leprechaun though because he always make us start over!! We LOVED this game and will be adding it to our math centers :)

We had a sneaky little leprechaun in our class today! He kept stealing some of our golden coins! And he just happened to help us solve some subtraction equations too!


We played a fun sight word game with our table friends. We picked a coin out of the bag and had to read the sight word. If we knew the sight word, we placed it on our pot. We had to be careful of getting the coin with the leprechaun on it, because he would steal ALL of our coins!!! I loved hearing their adorable laughs and seeing their huge smiles during this game!


We finished our leprechaun stories and were ready to make the cover. I had them use Q-tips to paint a rainbow.

They also made a pot of gold with a leprechaun popping out of it! I stapled their stories behind the pot of gold. WOW WOW WOW!!! I can't say how proud of them I am for writing their very own stories! They turned out amazing and soo cute!! My principal happened to walk in while we were putting the covers together and she too could not believe that they wrote these stories! SO proud of them and the most perfect way to end the quarter!


Friday: In-service and Report Cards

If you are interested in adding any of these St. Patrick's Day activities to your class, you can grab my St. Patrick's Fun Pack at my TPT Store HERE or click on the pictures below:

I am officially on Spring Break!! Have you had your spring break yet??

When we come back from break, we will be learning all about INSECTS!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


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