Sunday, March 1, 2015

Abe & George... President's Week Fun!

We continued learning more about America this week by focusing on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln! We had so much fun learning about them! I LOVED seeing how excited and interested my students were about learning about these Presidents! I am so excited to share with you their adorable facts they wrote about Abe and George! We also had a blast having our very own classroom election!!
Come take a peek at our Presidential week!

We kicked off our week reading a nonfiction book about George Washington. I LOVE the National Geographic nonfiction books. They are so kid friendly and my students are always engaged! We made an interactive anchor chart to show our new learning about George Washington.

We began our Abe and George Informational Books with a craft of George Washington and an important fact about him.

We also showed that you can find him on the quarter and one dollar bill.

We reread the George Washington nonfiction book today and wrote somme facts on our own about him in our Abe and George informational books. I am soooo proud of how much they are writing!

We read the fun story, 'Duck for President' by Doreen Cronin and talked about why we think Duck would be a good President.

Then I had my students write about why they think Duck would be a good President.

Today we read the National Geographic book about Abraham Lincoln. We made another interactive anchor chart to show our new learning about Abe.

We worked more on our Abe and George informational books by making an Abraham Lincoln craft and writing a fact about him.

We also showed that you can find Abe on the penny and five dollar bill.

I reread the nonfiction Abraham Lincoln book and then had my students write some facts they learned about Abraham Lincoln. They wrote this in their Abe and George informational books.

We read the story, 'Abe Lincoln's Hat' by Martha Brenner. We drew a picture of what Abe kept in his hat and what we would keep in our hat! Ohhhh were they cute!! Nothing like keeping a penguin, a rabbit, and some pizza in your hat!! :)

We also read Grace for President and discussed why we think she would be a good President.

My kiddos also wrote about why she would make a good President.

Today we discussed how George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were alike in many ways. We made a chart to show just how.

We worked on the last page of our Abe and George informational books by writing about how both Presidents were alike.

(**Love how this one wrote: They are ginormous.) 

And here is a look at all of their hard work together!! I love how unique each of the books turned out and how informational they are. These Abe and George Informational books were so much fun! I can't wait to hang them up in the hallway.

It was FINALLY time for our classroom election! We read 'Duck for President' and "Grace for President' this week so we decided to have an election for which one we think should be President. Here is our voting booth!

After they voted, they wrote about who they voted for and why.

Then we graphed who we voted for! DUCK is the WINNER!!

We learned so much this week about what is takes to be a President. I had my students think about why they would be a good President. Then they wrote about why they would be a good President. We turned their writing into a craft by making it look like a 'voting booth'. (I tried to make it look like a voting booth!!)
When you open up the curtains, you can see the students writing and their picture.

That's a wrap on our President's Week Fun!! You can check out all of these activities at my TPT Store. Click HERE or the pictures below:

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :)


  1. Their work is so adorable! Following along at BlogLovin'. Have a fantastic Friday.

    1. Hi Sara!! Thank you so much! They do such a great job! Thank you so much for checking out my blog and for following along!!! Have a wonderful week! :)

  2. Hello..its always pleasure going through your blog. We wonder everytime you come up with new and creative ideas. We are pretty much sure that your kids always have fun time while studying. Good work... keep going. To give a visual treat to toddlers and pre-schoolers we made animated funny videos that entertain as well as educate them. Please go through the video link and support us
    Thank you in advance!!


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