Saturday, March 28, 2015

Insects! Part One

And we are back!!! Spring break was wonderful and just what I needed to get refreshed for the last quarter! I can't believe I am saying last quarter!! It was so great seeing my kiddos on Monday. Their hugs and excitement on the first day back from break made this week so much more fun! We had a blast learning about Insects this week! This week was part one of two in our Insects Unit and we learned so much already!
Come take a peek at our fun insect week!
We started to learn about teen numbers this week! We practiced making teen numbers on ten frames using a bug of course!


We also practiced matching teen numbers to the correct filled in ten frames.

We read a couple nonfiction books about insects and made an anchor chart on what insects can do, have, and are.

We also took out this GIANT insect and labeled all of the different parts.

We had so much fun doing that, so we decided to make our very own insect diagram and labeled the different parts in our insect flip book.

We worked more on teen numbers in ten frames by determining how many more insects we needed to add to get the teen number.


We LOVE paint!! We practiced making teen numbers in ten frames with our insect friends by making paint dots with Q-tips.

We took out our insect flip books from yesterday as well as our very own informational charts to write facts about insects. I am so proud of how well my students are using their own charts to write sentences. They have also been working hard at combining facts in their sentences. PROUD teacher!!!




We read a mini reader and filled in the blanks with the correct teen number to make the sentences complete.

Today we focused all about ANTS!! We made an anchor chart with some facts that we learned about ants from our nonfiction books.

Then we took our new learning and wrote some facts on our own!

We made this cute ant craft and placed our writing under the body.


We had fun with these cute little ants counting on from ten to make teen numbers.

We read the story, 'Hey, Little Ant' and decided whether or not the kid should step on the ant. We also wrote why we do or do not think the kid should step on the ant. We made a little craft to go along with our writing too :)

We played a game where I gave students either a ten frames card or a number card. When I said "GO!" they would walk around the carpet and try to match their number to the ten frames or vice versa. We loved finding our matching friend!

Then we worked more on counting on from ten to get to the teen number in a mini reader. I mixed up the pages where students counted how many ants were on the page OR they had to add/glue ants on to the page to get to the teen number.


Today we learned all about BEES!!! We made an anchor chart to show some of our new learning from the nonfiction books that we read.

After that, I had my students write some of their own facts that they learned about bees.

We made an adorable bee craft and placed our writing under the body.




What a great first week back from spring break!! We will be continuing our Insect Unit next week and will be learning more about different insects!!

You can check out this insect unit at my TPT Store HERE or click on the pictures below:

I also have this unit separated with just the literacy activities and just the math activities. You can click on the pictures below.
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