Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Week Fun!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! I hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones and had a wonderful week with your students! This week was all about Valentine's, friends, love, working together, and fun! We learned all about the meaning of Valentine's Day and did TONS of activities to go along with the Valentine theme!
Come take a peek at our Valentine Week!
We worked on showing some of our addition strategies that we have learned. I am so proud that they can solve addition equations in so many ways! 

We had fun finding addition equations that equal ten using dice, a ten frame, and candy! (of course!)

Does your class love the Froggy books by Jonathan London? Mine sure does! We think he is so funny! I read 'Froggy's First Kiss' today and before I finished the story, we made a prediction on who we thought Froggy made his Valentine for. We drew a picture of our prediction underneath the pink heart.

After I finished the story, we drew a picture of who Froggy really made his Valentine for underneath the other pink heart.

We talked about friends today and made a chart about what friends can do, have, and are.

We did so good showing our addition strategies yesterday that I had my students show their subtraction strategies today! 

We also practiced mailing hearts to solve subtraction equations.

We worked on building CVC words by sliding an arrow through a heart. The arrow had different pictures on it and my students used letters to build the word of each picture.


 We talked about what a Valentine is and how you can make Valentine cards for your Valentine. We discussed different things we might write to our Valentine. Then, my kiddos wrote a Valentine card for someone special to them. They were so so so cute!! I had to run and make more copies of this writing page because they wanted to make LOTS of Valentine cards! I had some students make 4-5 cards!!


My favorite part was watching my students make Valentine cards for each other! I loved when they would deliver the card to their friend. It melted my heart and seeing their faces when they received a card was priceless!

Today I read the story, 'The Biggest Valentine Ever' by Steven Kroll. We started our story map by focusing on the title, author, and main characters.

Today I combined both addition and subtraction! I really wanted my students to start focusing on the  + and - signs and really understand the difference between addition and subtraction. We did some addition and subtraction true and false.

Then we had some fun sorting addition and subtraction equations in a flip book.


I reread 'The Biggest Valentine Ever' today and we focused on the problem and solution of the story.

At the end of the story, Clayton and Desmond made a Valentine 'mouse' card soooooooo... We had to make one too! They were so much fun to make!


We talked more about friends today and what we think a friend is to us.

We talked about how we are ALL friends in our class. I had each of my students pick a card with another students name on it. Then they took that card and wrote a letter to that person telling them why they are such a good friend! Everyone got a letter which made it so special and fun!



After we finished writing the letters, I had each student sit in our special sharing chair to read their letter to the class. After they read their letter, they walked to their friend and gave them the letter to keep. It could not have been any cuter!!!

We started the morning ordering hearts by 10 to 100.

Then we made some addition love bugs!

We finished our story map of 'The Biggest Valentine Ever' by focusing on the key details of the beginning, middle, and end of the story.

We also compared the valentine cards that Clayton and Desmond made on their own.

We have been talking about what nouns are and I had my students write about a person they love, a place they love, and a thing they love. We kept the writing in a safe place for a fun craft to go with the writing tomorrow.

We got to taste Hershey's Hugs and Kisses!! We tasted both and decided which one we liked best!

We made a class pie graph with the results!

We talked about all of the things that we love about school. Then I had my students write about their favorite thing to do at school. I turned their writing into a class book for us to enjoy in our classroom library!

We played some broken heart addition today with Valentine M&M's.

Then we sorted candy hearts and recorded the information.

We used the letters in the word 'Valentine' to see what other words we could make.

We cut out our writing about a person we love, a place we love, and a thing we love from yesterday. We placed each heart onto a larger heart and turned it into a 3D heart!!



We had so much fun reading 'The Biggest Valentine Ever' this week. We wanted to be like Clayton and Desmond and work together to make the biggest Valentine 'mouse' card EVER!!!

and HERE IT IS!!!

We played musical scrambled sentences today! I had my students in small groups and I placed mixed up sentences on each table. When the music started, each group would move to a new table. When the music stopped, the group worked together to make a complete sentence. Then they recorded the sentence that they made.

We played some sight word BINGO with our left over candy hearts.


We made these adorable Valentine bags! I found this idea on Pinterest years ago and have been making them ever since! I love how unique each of the bags always turn out! We used the bags to place our Valentine cards and treats in. Check out some fun and hilarious things my students did with their bags!


Here are some more Pinterest finds that I included in our Valentine festivities! 

We had such a wonderful week! I really enjoyed every moment with them! I loved how much they worked together and were so sweet and kind to one another! This was a week I will never forget!

You can check out all of this Valentine Fun at my TPT Store HERE or click on the picture below:

I also have these Valentine activities separated into just math and just literacy. Click on the pictures below:

Next week will be learning about American Symbols and working more on 2D Shapes!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! :)


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