Sunday, February 8, 2015

Penguins! Week Two

We waddled our way into another week of fun with our Penguin Unit! We finished our Penguin Research Books and I could not be more proud of all the hard work my students put into them! We also had so much fun with Tacky the Penguin!! He has officially become a classroom favorite!
Come take a peek at another waddling fun week! :)
We started the week by learning how to solve subtraction equations using a number line. We had some help from our penguin friend TACKY while we were acting out stories on our super large number line.

Then I had my students do some hands-on basic practice of using a number line to solve subtraction stories.

 After we got the hang of that, we practiced writing subtraction equations and how to use a number line to solve the equation. They went right into some more hands-on practice with this new strategy. 


 Last they did some subtracting on a number line practice on their own. With some help from Tacky of course!!

We read the 'Emperor's Egg' today and wrote some facts that we learned about the emperor penguin. We added this page to our research books!

We read the hilarious story, 'Tacky the Penguin' by Helen Lester. We sure do love Tacky! Like I said before, he is now one of our classroom favorites! I definitely recommend reading these books to your class. They will LOVE them!
We talked about the characters in the story on our story map today.

Then we drew the characters in our Tacky Story Elements Books.

We ended the day with some TASTY goldfish crackers sorting, graphing, and filled in information to go with the graph.

We practiced more using our number line strategy to solve subtraction equations.

Then we had fun playing spin, spin, and subtract with a partner! They got to use any subtraction strategy they learned to find the answer and to color the fish.


Next up, we wrote about what penguins like to do for fun! We added this writing page to our research books as well!

I reread 'Tacky the Penguin' and we discussed the setting on our story map.

Then we drew a picture and wrote about the setting in our Tacky Story Elements Books.

Today we read some subtraction stories and showed many different strategies that we have been learning over the past 2 weeks to find the answer.

We searched the room for penguins that were holding subtraction equations. We used our strategies to find the answer. We have become so good at subtraction and have so much fun doing it!


We labeled the different parts of a penguin.

Then we labeled the different parts on our own penguins to add to our research books!

Today when I read 'Tacky the Penguin', we focused on sequencing the story and pulling out the key details.

We added sequencing to our Tacky Story Elements Books.

We had so much fun reading the Tacky stories and learned a lot about his character. We wrote some different things that describe Tacky's character. We will use this chart on Friday for our writing and craft!

Thursday (Parent Teacher Conferences)

We started the day with some subtraction sorting using penguins and fish.

Then we made a subtraction story craft using penguin and fish!

We used the character chart that we made on Wednesday to write about Tacky's character.

Then we began our Tacky craft! We started by making his shirt.

Then we put the shirt on Tacky! When you open up his shirt... you see the writing! 

We compared Tacky to real penguins on a Venn Diagram.

It was FINALLY time to put our Penguin Research Books all together! After 2 hard working weeks, we were ready to make the cover and staple all of the pages together!!

And that's a WRAP on our 2 week long Penguin Unit!!! You can check out all of the fun we had in my Penguin Unit at my TPT Store HERE or click on the pictures below:


Next we will will be filling our room all week with Valentine Fun!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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