Sunday, February 1, 2015

Penguins! Week One

Is it me or did January fly by?!?! We ended the last week of January with the first part of my Penguin Unit! We had so much fun learning about Penguins. We learned so many new facts about them! We used all of our new learning to begin a research project and also did LOTS of hands-on math activities... with penguins of course!

Come take a peek at our waddling fun week! :)

We started the week with some practice making CVC words.

We really jumped into subtraction! I wanted my students to have a really good understanding of how to do subtraction and to make sure they understand that it is different than addition.
We started with the basics, where I told a story and students acted it out using goldfish crackers. You know me... learning with food is always more fun!! :)
My students would start with a given number and place that many fish on the ice. Then the penguin would eat (take away) some fish. Last, they had to see how many were left on the ice and wrote that number in the box.


After we had a good understanding of that, we discussed how these stories can be written as a subtraction equation. We did some practice as a whole group writing subtraction equations using our large penguin friend.

Then, I had my students get back to some hands-on practice acting out subtraction stories and writing a subtraction equation to go with it.


Then it was time for some independent practice! 

I told my students that we were going to learn about penguins!! As soon as I mentioned that, my kiddos were so excited to tell me what they already knew about penguins! That was perfect because before I read our nonfiction book, I had them write about what they already knew and what they wondered about penguins.

We all came together after our writing and we shared with the class what we already knew about penguins. I wrote what they knew on our KWL chart as they shared. Then they had turns telling the class what they wondered about penguins and I added that to our KWL chart as well.

We did some more subtraction with this hands-on subtraction flip book! Students would read the subtraction equation and use the fish to act it out. They would start with the number of fish as the first number in the equation. Then they would place the correct number of fish in the penguins stomach (or bag) and see how many were left. They wrote their answer in the flip book! 


We finally got to read our nonfiction penguin book! I love the 'National Geographic: Penguins' book. It is so kid friendly and has wonderful pictures! After I read the book, I had my students write 1 fact that they learned about penguins. 

We shared our fact with the class and they got to place their fish on our fishy facts chart!

We also added our new learning to our KWL chart.

We started our research project today!! Each day we will be adding a new page to our Penguins Research Book. When our 2 week unit is over, they will have an amazing book with all they learned about penguins! We started our project writing 2 facts about penguins.


I let them each pick a color of their choice for their research books. After we complete a writing page for our project, I have them place it in the large piece of construction paper that is folded in half to keep it safe. We will be adding a craft to the front of the construction paper next week for the cover of our research books!

Today we learned a new subtraction strategy... crossing out pictures! I had my students practice this strategy on their subtraction mats.



Then they did some independent practice.

I reread our nonfiction penguins book and we worked on the next part of our project. We wrote about what penguins like to eat.

We focused on some vocabulary words from the nonfiction penguins book. I made this anchor chart to refer to throughout our unit.

We focused on 2 vocabulary words today and wrote about them in our vocabulary books.

We practiced more on our subtraction cross out strategy today.

Then we worked on a mini book with cute pictures of penguins and fish. We crossed out pictures to go with the subtraction equation and wrote the answer.

Next up in our research project was writing about penguin predators! We learned that there are lots of penguin predators out there! I had them pick 3 of them to write about.


 We also focused on 2 more vocabulary words and wrote about them in our vocabulary books.

With all of this new knowledge on penguins, we were able to put this anchor chart together on what penguins can do, have, and are so quickly!

We made our own chart to use for a penguin craft tomorrow!

We started the morning with some subtraction cross out.

Then we read subtraction stories and acted them out in an interactive subtraction mini reader.



Today we wrote about penguin chicks for our research books. I was almost brought to tears reading their writing today. I was just sooo proud of the multiple sentences they were writing about baby chicks! We did lots of dance celebrations for our wonderful writing!


Our penguins research books are really coming along! We love adding our new writing pages!

We finished our vocabulary books with these last 2 vocabulary words.

We took our 'penguins can, have, are' charts from yesterday and wrote a sentence for each section. 
(I forgot to take a picture of 'have')

Then we turned our writing into a penguin facts craft! We made a penguin craft and placed the writing on the penguins belly!

I let them choose how they wanted to place the flippers on their penguin. How cute are these?!?! I love their creativity



I love our new classroom bulletin!

Next week we will be continuing our Penguin Unit! We will be finishing our penguin research books and doing some fun activities with 'Tacky the Penguin'! 

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You can grab this unit BUNDLED or the math and literacy activities separately :)

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Now it's time to watch the Super Bowl!! Who are you cheering for??

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  1. Hi Jamie!
    You are truly amazing! I love reading your blog and seeing the wonderful activities the children are doing. You certainly covered a lot of information in one week! I love the penguin cups!Thank you again for the wonderful pictures and great ideas! I can't believe February is here!
    Take care!


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