Friday, February 20, 2015

MORE 2D Shapes... and a FREEBIE!!!

This week in math we jumped back into learning more about 2D Shapes! We learned about rhombuses, ellipses, and hexagons. We also dug deeper into our understanding of squares, triangles, circles, and rectangles. We had lots of fun with different hands-on activities to help us really learn about our shapes!

Here is a look at some 2D shape activities we did this week:

I introduced our rhombus, ellipse, and hexagon friends. These shape posters have been a great addition to our classroom! We still refer to our other 2D shape friends from the beginning of the year all of the time! We were so excited to get some new friends!

We also worked on tracing and drawing these 2D shapes as well as writing about the attributes.



We worked on identifying 2D shapes in our environment. We sorted pictures of shapes/shapes in our environment by whether or not they were the shape we were focusing on.

We also made 2D Shape hats!!


To review our 2D shapes that I introduced at the beginning of the year, we made 2D shape books! (We made the triangle, rectangle, circle, and square book this week) These books allowed students to write about the shape attributes and write/draw different shapes they see in the environment.





We reviewed all of our 2D shapes with a 2D Shape Mini book!


Here is a FREEBIE!! We made pictures out of 2D shapes and filled out a graph to show all of the shapes that we used. I cut a TON of different sized 2D shapes on different colored construction paper. I laid all of the shapes on the floor for my students to dig into and to get their creative minds rolling!
Check out their masterpieces! I was blown away!

The graph to go along with this activity is for FREE!! You can grab it HERE!

We ended the week of our 2D Shape fun with some fishing!! I had my students work in small groups to fish for different 2D shapes/shapes in the environment. Once they caught a 'fish' they would decide what shape it was and place it underneath the correct shape. They LOVED this game and NEVER wanted to stop!!


You can check out these 2D Shape activities and MORE in my 2D Shapes Galore Pack at my TPT Store. Click HERE or on the picture below:

Next week we will start learning about 3D Shapes!

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