Saturday, February 28, 2015

3D Shapes Fun!

This week in math we focused on 3D Shapes!! We dug deep into learning about the attributes, names, and where we see these 3D shapes all around us! We  learned about the cube, cone, cylinder, and sphere and did lots of hands-on activities to help us learn about them.

Here is a look at some of the 3D Shape Activities we did this week:

We used our 3D shape friends to help introduce a shape each day. These were great for us to refer to throughout the week and are a fun addition to our classroom :)

We practiced writing our 3D shape names, writing about the attributes, and drawing a picture of something that the 3D shape reminds us of.




We worked on sorting 3D shapes.

We identified 3D shapes that we see in the environment.


We worked more on identify 3D shapes that we see in our environment.  We sorted pictures of shapes/shapes we see in our environment by whether or not they were the 3D shape we were focusing on.


We also made a classroom favorite... 3D Shape Hats! We sure do love any chance we can get to make a hat!


Once we learned all about the 3D shapes, we reviewed them all together!
We worked on a 3D Shape mini book.

We also had fun with a 3D Shape Flip Book.

We worked even more on identify 3D shapes in our environment with a mini 3D shape book.


And we ended the week fishing for 3D Shapes!! We just LOVE fishing in the classroom! No water or worms required :)

You can check out these 3D Shape activities in my 3D Shapes Galore Pack at my TPT Store. Click HERE or on the picture below:

I have also bundled my 2D Shapes and 3D Shapes GALORE Packs! You can grab them HERE or click on the picture below:


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