Saturday, January 17, 2015

Winter Fun!!

As this week has come to an end and I have been putting this blog post together, I have been thinking about how much my students have grown this year. It truly is amazing to think about! I couldn't be more proud of them! They have grown tremendously with their academic successes and their independence. It is so much fun to compare the first week of school to now. Each week is always more fun than the last with them and I truly look forward to getting to get to spend my days with them! I am so lucky to be their teacher! 

We had a great week with my Winter Fun Unit! We did lots more activities with snowmen, snow globes, and snow!

You can take a peek at our Winter Fun week below:
We had a lot of fun solving addition equations to build snowmen.


We compared our name to the word 'Snowman'. We added how many vowels and consonants were in each of our names. We also graphed the names to show the comparison.

We read an adorable story called, 'The Snow Globe Family'. This story is wonderful and has so many story elements that can be taught from it. We began with focusing on the characters of the story.

We wrote and drew the characters of the story in our 'Snow Globe Family' story elements books.

We turned our names in snowmen!



We started the day by solving vertical addition equations.

We started to learn about how many more to ten. We used a ten frame and snowflakes to introduce and get some practice on our new skill!

Then I had my students go to their seats and I told them how many dots to place in their ten frames. They would write an addition equation to show how many more to get to 10. This can be a hard skill, but I was so impressed with how quickly they picked this up!

After that, they worked on finding how many more to 10 independently.

I reread the story, 'The Snow Globe Family' and we focused on the setting of the story today.

After reading, I had my students write and draw pictures of the setting in their 'Snow Globe Family' story elements books.

We took our snowman names from yesterday and sorted them by how many letters are on the snowman.

We filled out a graph to show our data.

We worked in a mini math book today to work on our new skill of finding how many more to get to 10. They used a ten frame with pictures already in the ten frame and also had to draw pictures in some of the ten frames.


After that we painted dots using a Q-tip in ten frames to determine how many more to 10. They looked at the first number and made that many dots in the ten frame. Then they wrote the number for how many more they needed to get 10

I reread the story, 'The Snow Globe Family' and we focused on the problem/solution and the events of the story.

We wrote about the problem/solution and the events of the story in our 'Snow Globe Family' story elements books.

We talked about what we would do if we lived in a snow globe and wrote our ideas.

Then each student wrote about what they would do if they lived in a snow globe.

At the end of the day we painted these cute snowmen! These will be used again on Friday!

We worked in a different mini math book today with number bonds to show how many more to get to 10. This was a cut and glue interactive mini book.



Today we learned a new strategy of finding how many more to 10. We used a number line! I had my students practice on a number line mat first.


Then they each worked independently with a number line to determine how many more they need to get 10.

We worked on the last page of our 'Snow Globe Family' story elements books by writing about our favorite part of the story.

We also made a snow globe for the cover of our story elements books. I let them put glue on the circle and smear it all over the circle with their fingers!! They were in disbelief when I told them they get to put their fingers in glue!! I think some of them thought I lost my mind!! When they realized I was serious, they were so excited!!! And to top off the excitement, I added glitter on their circles to make it look like snow in their snow globes! :)

Today sure was a snow globe day! We also got to make snow globes that went along with our writing from yesterday. At the end of the day yesterday, I had my students take a picture in their jackets that acted out their sentence that they wrote. Today I cut out their pictures and they glued them on their snow globes. I absolutely LOVE this craft! They always turn out adorable and it really shows each students personality! LOVE IT!!! They are my favorite bulletin display of the year!



We ended they day with some interactive writing on how to build a snowman.

We practiced more with our number strategy of how many to 10 using a number line.


We took those snowmen that we painted the other day and wrote about the different parts. This was used as our writing organizer.

We then used our writing organizer to write descriptive sentences about our snowman.

We took the letters in the word 'winter' to see what other words we could make. This really got their brains thinking!


Then students cut out the letters of the word 'winter' and worked on their own to build different words using those letters.

We wrote about how to build a snowman with the help of our anchor chart from yesterday. After we wrote in our flip books, we made a snowman craft t go with it! 





I hope everyone had a wonderful week! You can check out all of these activities in my Winter Fun Unit at my TPT Store HERE or click on the pictures below.


If you don't need the literacy and math activities bundled, you can grab them separately below:

Next week we will be having fun with 'The Mitten'.

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