Saturday, January 10, 2015

Snowman Fun!

And... WE ARE BACK!!!!!!!! It was so great seeing all of my kiddos after winter break! We were all rested and excited to jump back into the swing of things. We started the first week back with my Snowman Fun Unit!! This unit kept us busy, helped review some skills from before break, and we also learned some new skills! We also did lots of hands-on activities and cute crafts! I was so proud of how eager my kiddos were to be at school and they all worked so hard! It made our first week back so great!

Come take a peek at our snowman fun week!

We started the week with some review on addition. We used buttons on snowmen to act out addition stories and wrote an addition equation to go with it.

Then I had my students act out addition equations using buttons on the snowmen independently.

I read the adorable story, 'Snowmen at Night'. The graphics in this story are too cute and my students were cracking up every page that I read. Before reading the story, I had my students predict what they think snowmen do at night. After I finished reading, we discussed and wrote down what they did in the story. We circled the predictions that were correct!

We did some text-to-self connection writing by write about how we are alike and different than a snowmen.

We begin the day by solving addition equations and placing the correct sum/hat on the snowman's head.

We read some short sentences that helped us determine how many buttons we needed to place on the snowman and the color of the buttons. Then we wrote an addition equation to go with the sentences.


After rereading 'Snowmen at Night', we talked and wrote about what we would do if we were a snowman at night.




We are writing our very own version of 'Snowmen at Night'! We started the story writing process with a story organizer.  We practiced filling in a story organizer together on my easel. Then I had my students create their very own story organizer with their own ideas. WOW were there creative and adorable!! We kept these in a safe place for tomorrow!

We started the day with sorting pictures by their beginning sounds to make a snowman!

We placed buttons on snowmen to solve addition equations.

Next we began learning about decomposing numbers. We started with a large snowman friend in our classroom! We took 3 buttons and decomposed them for practice. We moved the buttons in the snowman's circles to help us decompose.

Then we used buttons (M&M's) to decompose the numbers 3 and 4. Candy just makes everything more fun! :)

We took our 'Snowmen at Night' story organizers from yesterday to begin writing sentences for our story.


I read the other adorable story, 'Snowmen All Year' and we compared the story to 'Snowmen At Night'. We enjoyed both of these stories so much! 

We made the cover of our 'Snowmen At Night' stories! We used colored chalk for this. It was a lot of fun and the kiddos loved the bright colors! Me too! They were so proud of their books they made! I absolutely loved reading them and we got to share the stories with the class :)


We practiced decomposing buttons on our large classroom snowman more today.

Then we decomposed the numbers 5 and 6 with our tasty M&M's! Two days of learning with candy!! I got lots of hugs for that! :)

We talked more about how some parts of the stories 'Snowmen at Night' and 'Snowmen All Year' were the same and and how some parts were different. We made our own Venn Diagrams comparing the stories and turned them into snowmen!


We reread, 'Snowmen All Year' and talked about the different seasons in the story. We talked about having a magic snowman of our own and we wrote down what we would do with the snowman during each season.

We filled in our very own organizers for what we would do with our magic snowman each season.


We played a fun game called 'Snowman Melt'! This game is very similar to hangman except it is with a snowman! I had the students play with a partner and they used sight words for the secret word. Each time the player guessed a letter that was not in the word, a part of the snowman would be taken away. If all of the parts of the snowman were gone before the secret word was guessed correctly, the game would be over!

We began the day reading CVC words and matching them to the correct picture. The words were glued on to flip up and be able to see the picture underneath.

We had fun with more decomposing today! We used a pipe cleaner on a snowman to practice decomposing numbers. Students would slide one bead down at a time to help them with decomposing. They really got the hang of it and were able to do this independently!

We used our 'Snowmen All Year' organizers to write sentences about what we would do with our magic snowmen during each season.

We cut out our writing and turned it into a 3D snowman!! 



We played a fun game called 'Shake and Spill'! I had my students place the number of marshmallows that matched the number on the page into a cup. They would shake the cup and spill the marshmallows onto the snowman. Then they would write an addition equation to show how many landed on the snowman and how many landed off. This went great with our decomposing of numbers!

We ended the week with a special treat! We made snowmen out of cookies, pretzel sticks, mini M&M's, and a piece of Cheetos!

 I hope you all had a great first week back! 

You can grab my Snowman Fun Unit at my TPT Store HERE or click on the picture below:

Next week will be my Winter Fun Unit


Have a great weekend! :)

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