Friday, January 30, 2015

Snow Much Fun! Product Swap!

Have you made your way over to Emmy Mac's Class? If not, you need too!! Emily is the author if Emmy Mac's Class and has a blog FULL of ideas, products, and inspiration!
I am doing a product swap with Emily and I was lucky to get my hands on her 'Ten Frames Are Snow Much Fun' Pack! I couldn't be more excited to share with you all of the fun my class had with it!
This 69 page pack is so engaging, hands-on, and an absolute BLAST! There are 5 different math games included that focus ten frames and the numbers 1-20. My kiddos could not get enough of them! They could play these games all day! I don't even think they realized they were learning and practicing their number identification and counting skills!

What I absolutely love about this pack is that it can be used to differentiate! And that is exactly what I did with these games :)

Each day this week during my math intervention time, I used one of these games to play with my students. I used the numbers 1-10 for each game. (All of the games can be used to the number 20!)

We started the week with the game 'Ten Frame Brr!'
I placed the cards in a bag and had students pick out one card at a time. If they were able to count the pictures in the ten frame and say the correct number they got to keep the card. If they pulled out the card with the word 'Brr' they lost ALL of their cards! This was so much fun and we had lots of good laughs!

Next up was 'Ten Frame Slap It!'
This sure was a blast!! We spread the ten frame cards out on the table. I would say a number and the students would race to find the correct ten frame and touch it first. This sure did help us learn how to identify numbers in a ten frame real fast! They ALL wanted to be the first one to touch the correct ten frame!


Another game we played was 'Ten Frame Memory'
We placed all the number cards and ten frame cards 1-10 face down. We flipped 2 cards over to see if the ten frame and number matched. I loved how well they did matching the number to the ten frame and I was super impressed with their memory skills! They were waaaaayyyy better than mine!


We also played 'Ten Frame Bump'
This is a must have! Our intervention time may have gone over a bit (I mean a lot!) due to this game. It was snow much fun! A student would read the number, number word, or tallies and cover up the correct ten frame on the game board with a cube. If another player already had a cube on the ten frame, the player 'BUMPS' it off! Or if the cube was already theirs, they got to build a tower and freeze the spot. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!

The last game we played this week was 'Ten Frame War'
This was your classic fun game of war, but with a twist... students compare ten frames! This was a fun and wonderful way to end my math interventions week!

And it gets better... I was able to take all of these games and place them into my centers tubs!! I put the games together with the numbers 1-10 and also another set of games using the numbers 11-20. I am so excited to have these differentiated centers games. I know my kiddos are too! One of them told me that they can't wait for the weekend to be over so he can play the math games during centers. The weekend hasn't even started!! :)

There are just so many wonderful and fun games included in this pack! I can't say enough good things about it! It sure will bring lots of fun and learning into your classroom! It definitely did in my classroom this week and will continue in the future!

If you would like to grab this amazing pack or add it to your wish list, you can grab it from Emily's TPT Store HERE. You may also want to follow her TPT store so you don't miss out on other wonderful products of hers!

And guess what... Emily has been so incredibly sweet and would like to give away one copy of her 'Ten Frames Are Snow Much Fun' to one of my readers!

The giveaway will start Saturday, January 31st and will end at the end of the day on Wednesday, February 4th!

You can enter my giveaway below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Come check out Emily's blog, 'Emmy Mac's Class' to see my Snowman Unit in action! You will be able to enter to win this product on her blog and it will be on SALE for 20% OFF until February 4th!

A special thanks to the adorable Melissa from Jungle Learners for putting together this fun 'Stop, Swap, and Roll'. Make sure to check out Melissa's blog HERE!
There are TONS of other bloggers and TPT sellers participating in this Product Swap! Make sure to click below to see all of the swaps and giveaways!


  1. Jaime, I'm so glad your students had a good time playing and learning! I love all the pictures.
    Thanks so much!
    Emmy Mac's Class

    1. Thank you for such an amazing product! I highly recommend it for any K-1 classroom! :)
      So glad I got to do the swap with you!


  2. What a great resource! I'm so glad your students enjoyed all of the fun games. Thanks for joining the swap, I loved reading your post. I just joined your giveaway too!

    Jungle Learners


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