Friday, December 5, 2014

Gingerbread Man!

This week was one of my most favorite weeks of the year! That is... Gingerbread Week!!! We had so so so so much fun with our Gingerbread Unit this week! We had gingerbread men and girls in our math learning, literacy learning, and writing this week! This unit has had a HUGE update since last year. If you had this unit before November of this year, you can click HERE to get the new updates!

Come take a peek at our Gingerbread Week! :)
We started to learn about addition this week!! So exciting! I wanted to show them different strategies for addition so today we started with the basics. We acted out stories that I would say out loud using pictures of gingerbread men and girls. Then they wrote how many were altogether.


Once we got the hang of that, we talked about the + and = signs. We acted out more stories using our gingerbread men and gingerbread girls and they wrote an addition equation to go with the story. WOW! I sure was proud!! They picked that up so quick!


They had so much fun writing addition equations that they wanted to make up their own stories! I had them act out and record the addition equations to their own stories on a recording sheet.


 We read 'The Gingerbread Man' by Jim Aylesworth today. I can't say enough about how much I love this story! I just love the kiddos reading with me and the excitement and enjoyment in their eyes throughout the entire story! After reading it twice, we sequenced the story on our gingerbread man anchor chart. 
(This unit comes with 3 different versions of the 'Gingerbread Man' sequencing activities)

Then I had my students sequence the story on their own!

We also wrote about the different parts of the story on our large comparing anchor chart.

We ended the day searching for gingerbread men all over our classroom! The gingerbread men had different pictures on them and I had my students write the CVC word.


We started the day practicing acting out addition equations with our gingerbread men and girls. They recorded the sum on their recording sheets.

Today we discussed a different strategy for addition. We practiced adding by making dots and counting how many are altogether. I had them start with the basics by rolling a dice and drawing the dots on the gingerbread man. Then they rolled the dice again and drew the dots on the gingerbread girl. Last, they counted and wrote how many dots were altogether.

They did great on that so we moved on to learning about how to write an addition equation to go with that activity! I had my students roll the dice the same as above, but now they had to write an addition equation to go with the dots they rolled.


We even had time to record some of the addition equations to show our family our new learning!

We began our Gingerbread Men and Girl writing books today. I reread the story, 'The Gingerbread Man'. Then, I had my students write about the ending of 'The Gingerbread Man'.

Today we read, 'The Gingerbread Girl' by Lisa Campbell Ernst. What an absolute ADORABLE story! We sequenced the story on our gingerbread girl anchor chart.

Then they sequenced the story on their own!

We filled in our comparing stories anchor chart for 'The Gingerbread Girl'.

This year, I found these gingerbread cookies at Target! They were too cute to pass up and perfect for our first bite activity! They also came with icing and sprinkles. How could I pass them up?!

I had my students take only one bite out of their cookie.

Then we colored a picture of the gingerbread that we bit first. We made a class graph of our first bite. We also filled in data to go with our class graph. And we ate the rest of our cookie of course!

We learned that the gingerbread man and the gingerbread girl are brother and sister. I had some of my students say that the gingerbread man and girl probably miss each other. So I made sure that they could be together and surprised them by putting them both next to each other. The kiddos were soo happy to see this! :)

We started today by practicing our new addition strategy from yesterday. We made dots to go with each number and then wrote the sum.

Today we had a mini book where we counted pictures to complete sentences and to write an addition equation.

I mixed and matched the pages of the mini book to make it interactive. We would read the sentences, glue pictures to go with the sentences, and then write an addition equation.

We had a blast with our gingerbread glyph today!

We also started to work on our gingerbread glyph books where we wrote about the different parts of our gingerbread man or girl.

We worked on the next part of our gingerbread men and girl writing books by writing about the ending of 'The Gingerbread Girl'.

We went over our comparing stories anchor chart and highlighted the parts that were the same in both stories.

We worked together as a class to make a 'Gingerbread Man and Girl' Venn diagram anchor chart.

Then we filled in a Venn diagram on our own!

Today we read different addition stories. We highlighted the key words and important information in the story to help us know what we need to add. Then I had them cut the pictures on the bottom of the page and act out the story. Last, I had my students write an addition equation to go with the story.

We finished our gingerbread glyph books!

Then I read 'The Gingerbread Man' and 'The Gingerbread Girl' back to back. After hearing both stories, I had my students write which story was their favorite. This writing also went with our Gingerbread Men and Girl writing books that we worked on the past 2 days.

We made a cover for our Gingerbread Men and Girl writing books by making a gingerbread man or girl popping out of an oven! I stapled their writing to the back to turn it into a book :)


One of my favorite activities in this unit is making up our very own gingerbread man or gingerbread girl story! We brainstormed our very own stories by filling in our own story organizer. I had my students help me with my story organizer to help them know what to do and to help get their minds thinking. After I would model a part of my story organizer, I had my students go to their seats to fill in their own ideas on their story organizer. They are so creative!! 
After doing part by part of the story, we had a complete story organizer!

We worked more on our addition strategy of drawing pictures to find the sum.

We played a fun addition game with a friend!

We also made gingerbread men and girls cookie sheets! These were so much fun to make! Especially putting aluminum foil on our paper! We wrote an addition equation to go with our cookie sheets.

It was finally time to write our 'Gingerbread Man' or 'Gingerbread Girl' Stories! We used our story organizers from yesterday as a guide to help us write our stories!

After our hard work on writing our stories, it was time for some special fun! We decorated a gingerbread man or girl with some special sequins and rhinestones!! :)
**You can buy these sequins and rhinestones for a little over $1.00 at Wal-Mart! 

We placed our gingerbread men and girls in our ovens. These were the covers of our stories!

I took all of their writing pages of their story and stapled them behind the oven. Our gingerbread story books are complete!! They are so funny, cute, adorable, fun, and I loved reading them! My kiddos were so proud of themselves and loved being called authors by me today :) I am beyond proud!

Here is a look at a few pages from some of my students books. They are different students stories so they may not make sense because they are out of order :)

What a fun week to remember! And not to mention, one of my most favorite units of the year! If you would like to grab these activities, you can find them in my Gingerbread Unit at my TPT store HERE or click on the picture below:

I am looking forward to more holiday fun next week with my Christmas Unit!

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