Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Fun!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! We sure did get into the holiday spirit this week! We started our Christmas Fun Unit and did so many math and literacy activities that were all holiday themed! We also squeezed in a ton of end of the quarter testing! Our room is so festive with all of the kids crafts and learning from the week! Can you believe 1 more week until break?!?!

Come take a peek at our fun and merry week! :)

We began the day by reading a fun holiday story called 'Mooseltoe' by Margie Palatini.

Then we practiced our addition by placing beads on Moose's moosetache to help us solve addition equations! This was so much fun!



I reread the story, 'Mooseltoe' and then we began to fill out some of our story map.

 Next we wrote about the problem and solution of the story.

We continued some 'Mooseltoe' fun by drawing circles on a mustache to solve addition equations. 

I found some Christmas themed foam stickers from the Dollar Tree and placed them on the floor. I had my students pick 2 different pictures and they could choose as many as they wanted of the 2 pictures they chose.

Then I had them place the foam stickers on Moose's moosetache.

And they wrote an addition story to go with their moostache!

We reread the story, 'Mooseltoe' and sequenced Moose's to do list! 

Then I had my students sequence his to do list on their own :)


We ended the day with some YUMMY Moose munch! We each got to make our very own bag!

Today we played a fun math game where the students played with a partner. We love when we get to play games anywhere we want in the classroom with a friend! They shook two dice and counted the dots. After they counted how many were altogether, they took away a candy cane from the number. The first player to have all of their candy canes gone was the winner!


***This dice shaker is an easy and super cheap way to keep the dice together and not roll away from the kiddos! The container is just a plastic salad dressing holder! Place 2 dice in the cup and put the lid on top! The students can easily see through the top of the holder to count the dice :)

Today we read a nonfiction reindeer book. Before we read, I had my students tell me about their schema of reindeer. Then we talked about our new learning and any misconceptions we had on the chart. 
My heart melts with happiness when they talk about how reindeer know Santa and how they fly his sleigh! I love their innocense and did not want to make that a misconception! So instead I somehow got away with just not placing those facts on the chart and instead we talked about how those are magic reindeer and that might be in a different book. Yes I know... I lied to my students!!! I had to!!!! 

Then we wrote some reindeer facts that we learned and made a craft to go with our book!




Today we learned a new addition strategy! We learned how to do addition on a number line! We had help with our little reindeer friend to practice adding on a number line.


Then we did some number line addition practice on our own!


Today we read the story 'Santa's Stuck!' by Rhonda Gowler Greene

We wrote about the main character, setting, and the problem/solution in our flip books.


We started the day off by practicing coloring different kinds of patterns on candy canes.


We practiced some more addition on a number line! We really enjoyed how quick this strategy was for us to solve addition equations!

Then we played a little game where we flipped over 2 number cards and wrote an addition equation with the numbers we flipped over. I had some cookie pictures below the numbers to help them find the sum.


Then we placed our addition facts on the belly of our reindeer craft! I love how unique and creative each reindeer turned out!


We finished our 'Santa's Stuck!' flip books by writing about how we would help Santa get out of the chimney. Love their little minds! Adorable and creative!


Last, we added a craft to go on top of our flip books!


This week was so much fun and we will be continuing more Christmas Fun next week! We will also be working on my Polar Express Unit! I just love the holidays and really look forward to all the activities and fun we will be having! You can check out this Christmas Fun Unit and my Polar Express Unit below:

I hope you all had a wonderful week and have a wonderful last week before break with your students!! :)

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