Saturday, November 15, 2014

Turkeys! Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

Last week we enjoyed weather in the low 70's and this week was in the low 20's EVERY DAY!!! Brrrrr!! Not sure if I was ready for that change! We were stuck inside all day, but we kept busy and had lots of fun with so many turkey activities from my Turkey Unit! We focused a lot on patterns and read many cute stories with turkeys. I would also call this week SUPER craft week! We made a TON of crafts, but had a blast doing so! We sure do LOVE crafts!

Come take a peek at my Gobbling Turkey Week!

We started the week learning about AB Patterns. After introducing AB patterns using students as my example (boy, girl, boy, girl...) I had them create AB patterns on their own using unifix cubes.

Then, we worked together to create AB patterns with pictures and using the letters AB on our pocket chart.

We worked in our AB Patterns Book where we colored, created, labeled, and continued different AB patterns.

We filled in our super large Turkey Pattern friend with an AB pattern that we learned today!

We read the story, 'The Great Turkey Race' by Steve Metzger. At the end of the story the turkeys ran away, but we don't know where they ran to. I had my students write about where they think they went. They are so funny!

Our focus sight word this week was 'you'. We practiced reading our sight word reader on the pocket chart.

 Then we traced and wrote the sight word with markers!
You can grab this tracing page for free HERE!

We began the day reviewing AB patterns. Then, we jumped right into learning about ABC patterns. After introducing ABC patterns, I had them create ABC patterns on strips with colored tiles.

We worked together to make an ABC pattern with pictures and ABC letters on our pocket chart.

Then it was time to work in our ABC Patterns Book where we colored, created, labeled, and continued different ABC patterns.


We were so excited to place our new ABC pattern that we learned today on our super large turkey friend!

We reread the story, 'The Great Turkey Race' by Steve Metzger and finished filling in our story map. 

I let the students pick their favorite character from the story and they made a turkey craft of that character to place their writing from yesterday on.

We have a bunch of racing turkeys in our hallway!

We read our sight word reader on the pocket chart again and highlighted our focus sight word 'you'.

We also traced, wrote, and rainbow wrote our sight word 'you'.

Today we learned about AAB Patterns! We made ABB patterns on strips with pattern blocks.

Then we practiced making AAB patterns with pictures and AAB letters on our pocket chart.

Then it was time to work in our AAB Patterns Book where we colored, created, labeled, and continued different AAB patterns. They were very excited for this today because a lot of them knew what to do and worked on it independently!

Our super large turkey friend got a new pattern added on him today! AAB pattern!

We read the adorable story, 'Turkey Trouble' by Wendi Silvano today and we wrote about what disguise was our favorite from the story. We also colored the turkey to look like our favorite disguise from the story. We kept this writing to put in our turkey disguise books for tomorrow.

I gave each student a letter from our focus sight word 'you'. When I said 'GO!' they walked around and had to find their friends that had the other letters they needed to make the word 'you'. Once they found this friends, they stood together to show the sight word! This was a lot of fun and a great activity to move around since we were stuck inside all week!

We each got our very own sight word mini reader today. We practiced reading the sight word mini reader together.

Today was ABB patterns day! We started by making ABB patterns on strips with colored tiles.

We made ABB patterns on our pocket chart with pictures and ABB letters.

We went right to work in our ABB Patterns Book and I was so proud of their independent work on this today! They really have done great on understanding the different kinds of patterns!

We placed our last pattern on our super large turkey friend! 
One of my kiddos said, "WOW!! He sure was hungry!"

After reading 'Turkey Trouble' again, I let my students think about how they would disguise a turkey. They wrote about how they would disguise their turkey and made a turkey craft with their disguise! I was blown away at their creativity! They did WAY better than I could have ever done!! We placed our writing from yesterday and today behind our turkey disguise craft to make it into a book.
(Disguise: Zebra)

 (Disguise: Geisha)

 (Disguise: Spiderman)

 (Disguise: Ninja)

 (Disguise: Batman)

 (Disguise: Princess)

(Disguise: Ariel)

(Disguise: Shark)

Then we made turkeys with their feathers being different patterns! We used different colored pieces of construction paper in the shape of a square to make the feathers different patterns.

I had my students circle the focus sight word 'you' in their mini readers today.

To start the day, I had my students practice coloring the turkeys feathers different kinds of patterns that we learned this week. This was great to check for understanding! I let them create a pattern of their choice on the turkey in the middle and they had to label the pattern they colored.

It was our last day of our Turkey Unit, so we had to make some turkey hats!

We read a mini pattern math reader and colored the turkeys feathers to show the pattern that we read.


They got to create their own pattern on the last pages.

We made a cute turkey craft with the feathers being a pattern of our choice! We wrote about how many feathers we used and what kind of pattern we made.

We read the story, 'Run, Turkey, Run!' by Diane Mayr. We sequenced the order that the turkey ran to get away from the farmer.

Then they used pictures to sequence where the turkey ran to get away from the farmer.

We pretended to be the turkey and wrote about where we would run to!



We read our sight word mini reader independently on our whisper phones!

We had so much fun this week with turkeys and patterns! We ended our great week of learning with food of course! Learning is always more fun when food is involved! 
I made Rice Krispie balls and my students made eyes with M&M's and a beak with candy corn. Then they placed toothpicks in the Rice Krispie ball. I had them make different kinds of patterns on each toothpick with fruit loops for the turkeys feathers. This was so much fun and another easy way to check for students understanding on patterns! 


You can check out my Turkey Unit HERE or by clicking on the picture below:

A lot of the activities that you saw above came from some of my other products at my TPT Store. You can click on the pictures below to check them out:

Next week we will be starting my Thanksgiving Unit! I am so excited for all the fun activities and crafts and learning we will be doing!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. WOW! What a great time in your classroom! Your ideas are amazing and I always enjoy reading your blog! Thanks so much for always sharing the great ideas! What kind of paper do you use for your projects- the colors are so bright?
    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Maryann! Thank you so so much! That is so sweet of you to say and I really appreciate it! I actually just use construction paper for most of our crafts that I get ordered through my school. The brand of paper is called Tru-Ray. I also think the lighting in my classroom may help a bit :) I hope you are doing well! Thank you again for your kind words! Have a wonderful week and Thanksgiving! :)

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