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Thanksgiving Fun!

We had a great week getting ready for our Thanksgiving Break! Is it me or is this year going by so fast?!? We had lots of fun learning all about the first Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Indians, and the Mayflower. We worked on a HUGE project this week about the First Thanksgiving and look forward to finishing it on our short 2 day week next week!

Here is a peek at our fun Thanksgiving Week!

We started the week reviewing different kinds of patterns that we learned all about last week. I had my students build an AB pattern and write about what kind of pattern they built and the colors they used to build it.

I also had them do the same thing with an ABC pattern.

Next week we will be dressing up as Indians on of our two days of school. We started getting our outfit ready today by making patterns on our headbands that we will be wearing!

I read 'The Pilgrims First Thanksgiving' by Ann McGovern today. This book was wonderful and really helped my students get a good idea on what Thanksgiving is, the important of Thanksgiving, and they also learned some really fun facts!

I had my kiddos help me write some facts that we learned about the Mayflower on our super large Mayflower anchor chart. 

We began our big First Thanksgiving project today! Each day we are writing something new that we have learned and adding a craft to go with the writing. Today we wrote about the Mayflower and made a Mayflower for the first page of our book.

This week our focus sight word was 'am'. Today was a big deal because we not only were having fun reading our sight word reader on our pocket chart, but we read 2 sentences!

Then we practiced tracing and writing our sight word 'am' with our favorite markers!

 You can grab this sight word tracing page for free HERE!

We continued reviewing our patterns today by building an AAB pattern, writing about what kind of pattern they built, and the colors they used to build it.

They also did the same for an ABB pattern.

So let me tell you the joy that a pipe cleaner and beads bring to a child! I had my students build patterns with different colored beads on a pipe cleaner and then I turned them into bracelets for them. The smiles on their faces made my day! They were in love with these bracelets and wore them to school all week! One of my parents told me their child cried when she had him take it off for a bath :( I love how much they take pride and love their work! I love my kinders!



Today I read 'The Story of the Pilgrims' by Katharine Ross. We added some more facts that we learned about the Mayflower to our super large Mayflower anchor chart.

We worked more on our First Thanksgiving project! We wrote about the Pilgrims and made a Pilgrim craft in our books.

We learned about how the Pilgrims were not able to bring anything with them on the Mayflower because there was not much space. We discussed if we were Pilgrims and were able to bring one thing on the Mayflower, what would we bring? We wrote about what we would bring and made a Pilgrim craft to go with it.
*This one melted my heart! So precious!



We reread our sight word reader on the pocket chart and highlighted our focus sight word 'am'.

Then we traced, wrote, and rainbow wrote the sight word 'am'.

We have gotten so good with our patterns! Today I let my students show their knowledge by creating different kinds of patterns with different Thanksgiving pictures and labeling the patterns.


We practiced even more patterns with this fun craft!

Next up for our First Thanksgiving project was writing about Plymouth and making a house like the Pilgrims built.

We learned so much about the Mayflower the past couple days. We pretended that we were asked to go on the Mayflower and shared with the class whether or not we would go. When they placed their response on the chart I had them tell the rest of the class why they would or would not go on the Mayflower.

We colored a graph and wrote whether or not we would go. We also made a Mayflower craft to go with our writing.

This was such a proud moment! We got our very own sight word readers today and practiced reading 2 sentences on each page! :)

Today we switched gears a little and practiced comparing numbers. We did a fun activity where the students rolled a dice, drew the dots on one Pilgrim, and wrote the number underneath. Then they did the same thing again to the other Pilgrim. After that, they determine which number was greater and they circled that number. 

After some independent practice, we turned it into a game! I had my students sit with a friend. Player 1 rolled the dice, drew the dots, and wrote the number on one Pilgrim. Then Player 2 did the same thing to the other Pilgrim. The player with the greater number circled their number and took one counter for having the greater number. They continued doing this over and over. When I had them stop playing, each player counted how many counters they had and the player with the most won!

We also worked on counting and ordering numbers by fives today.

Then we practiced ordering numbers counting by fives to 50. 

We turned these into hats of course!! I crack up because anytime we do something on sentence strips, they always want to wear it as a hat! 

We had more fun with our First Thanksgiving Project today! We unscrambled words to build a sentence about the Indians and then we made a cute Indian craft.

We read the story, 'Oh What a Thanksgiving!' by Steven Kroll. This was great to show students how we live differently than the Pilgrims.

We compared how Pilgrims lived then to how we live now on a Venn Diagram.

Then we did this activity where I had students color a picture of a house we would see when the Pilgrims were around and a house that we would see now. Then I had them sort pictures of different things that Pilgrims used/did and what we use/do underneath the houses.


Today we jumped into counting by tens!

We made a turkey craft counting by tens to 50!

Then we played another game today where we compared numbers. Students played with a partner and each player flipped over a card. They would place their clothespin on the number they flipped over. They looked at the number line to see what number was greater (closer to the 10). This was a great visual for them to see and get a better understanding of greater numbers. The player with the greater numbers kept both cards. They continued doing this and the player with the most cards at the end won!

We added some fish and corn into our First Thanksgiving books today to show a little of what Squanto taught the Pilgrims. Only a little bit left to go on our projects! We can't wait to share them with our families next week!

We read these two stories today to get an understanding of what it means to be thankful.

Then we made a chart on different things we are thankful for.

We are making presents for our families! We are making placemats for Thanksgiving! The first part of the present is to write about what we are thankful for. We did some writing with help from our chart and drew a picture of what we are thankful for.


We also started our turkey handprints today that will also be part of our placemat! We are letting them dry and will turn them into turkeys next week and put the rest of our gift together for our families!

What a fun week! I sure am excited for next week though! We will be dressing up as Pilgrims on Monday and Indians on Tuesday. We will will also finish our First Thanksgiving project, our family gift, and have lots of fun activities and learning to do! I am even more excited to fly home next week spend Thanksgiving with my family, but also to meet my beautiful niece and nephew for the first time!

You can grab my Thanksgiving Unit HERE or click on the picture below:

Some of the activities you saw above came from some of my other products at my TPT store. You can click on the pictures below to check them out:

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :)

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