Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bats Part 2 and Halloween Fun!

The week had finally arrived for my kiddos! The week that included the day they have been talking about since the first day of school... HALLOWEEN!!! With all of the excitement of knowing Halloween was at the end of the week, we kept busy and had lots of fun with Part 2 of our Bats Unit! This week we focused on the story 'Stellaluna' and did lots of fun Literacy and Math activities with bats. We also had an absolute BLAST on Halloween!

You can take a peek at my week below with LOTS of FREEBIES included  for you :)

This week was all about the Number 10! We finally made it to the number 10!! We practiced tracing, writing, and finding the number 10.

We filled in our number 10 with pretzel sticks and Smarties because we have gotten so smart learning about our numbers 1-10!

We sorted pictured by their beginning sounds. I used the letters that spelled 'bat' to sort the pictures by.

We began our book study this week on the wonderful story, 'Stellaluna'. This is an adorable story that always has my kiddos wanting me to read it again and again. We focused today on the title, author, characters, and setting of the story and placed it on our story map.

Then we worked in our Interactive Story Books about Stellaluna to show all of the characters of the story and the main character.

Then we wrote and drew a picture of the setting of the story

Our sight word focus this week was 'me'. We practice reading our sight word reader on our pocket chart.

Then, we traced the sight word 'me'.
This tracing page is for FREE! You can grab it HERE!

We practiced, reading, writing, and building sentences with our sight word 'me'. This mini book also helped us practiced our reading strategies and our writing!

Today we practiced making groups of 10.

We also practiced finding groups of 10.

We unscrambled words to build a sentence and then counted out the correct number of bats to go with the sentence.

We read a mini reader where we had to count how many bats and birds we see. We wrote the numbers on the lines to make a complete sentence. 


We made a 'BAT' flip book. I had my students rainbow write each letter in the word 'BAT'. Then, they flipped up each letter in their flip book and drew 2 different pictures that began with that letter.

This 'BAT' Flip Book is for FREE! You can grab it HERE!!

I reread the story, 'Stellaluna' and today we focused on the problem and solution.

We wrote about the problem and solution in our Interactive Story Books about Stellaluna.

Today, we reread our sight word reader on our pocket chart and highlighted our focus sight word 'me'. I also had student come up to the pocket chart and point to each word as the class choral read.

Then, we traced, wrote, and rainbow wrote our sight word 'me'.

We worked more on our reading, writing, and building sentences book.

We practiced making AB patterns with bats and birds. We worked together as a class to make the pattern.

Then we used the bats and birds to fill 10 in our super large ten frame. This was a BIG DEAL!!! Such an exciting day filling in all 10 spaces in our ten frame!

Then we filled in 10 while making an AB pattern with bats and birds on our own ten frame.

I finally finished my Number 10 Interactive Math Mini Reader! We practiced reading sentences, showing groups of cats and dogs to have 10 altogether, and we even counted groups of cats and dogs. This mini reader is for FREE!


You can grab this Number 10 Interactive Math Mini Reader HERE! My entire set of these books numbers 1-10 are also linked in the description :)

I reread the story, 'Stellaluna' and we focused on what happened during the beginning, middle, and end of the story. We discussed and wrote about each part on our story map.

We sequenced pictures in our Interactive Story Books about Stellaluna to show the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Then I had my students write if they liked the beginning, middle, or end of the story best. I was so proud of my kiddos who extended their sentences and wrote about why that part was their favorite.

We compared bats and birds on a Venn diagram today. I would read the statement and my students told me where to place it on our Venn diagram.

Then we filled in our own Venn diagrams.

We read our own sight word mini readers as a whole group today and we circled our focus sight word 'me'.

We also worked on another sentence in our reading, writing, and building sentences mini book.

We had another BIG DEAL happen today. We got to hop all the way to the number 10 on our super large number line!!! It was sooo much fun! Look at those smiles! :)

We hopped to 10 on our own number line and made an AB pattern with bats and birds to show 10.

We wrote math sentences using bats and birds.

To celebrate learning all about the number 10, we made number 10 hats today!! 



We wrote about similarities and differences of bats and birds in a flip book.

We worked on the last page of our Interactive Story Books about Stellaluna with some writing about our favorite part of the story.

We completed our Interactive Story Book about Stellaluna by making a bat craft to go on the cover. We made the bats to make them look like they were flying off the page!


We also finished our reading, writing, and sentence building mini books today.

We had a special treat today that I could not resist buying! They are bat brownies!! They are made by Little Debbie! How fun are these?!

I also gave my kiddos bat rings for working so hard this week and for doing such a great job!

This picture makes my heart smile!

Happy Halloween! We started the day by making some pretty cool and fun bat hats!


We finished our number 10 board!!

We filled in our very own 'All About the Number 10' page. I feel like it was just last week we were working on 'All About the Number 1'!

We played a roll and color game with a friend! This is for FREE in my Halloween Fun Pack! You can grab it HERE!

We made a Halloween candy bag craft. Inside the bag, we put the numbers 1-10 in order. Then we cut out groups of candy corn and matched it to the correct number.

We added a handle and I let my kiddos decorate the front of their bags however they wanted! They turned out super cute!


We got to taste 4 different kinds of candy corn! YUM!!! We tasted regular, caramel, Indian, and the Pumpkin shaped candy corn. Then we graphed our favorite candy corn on our large class graph. The candy corn graphing and craft activity is for FREE in my Halloween Fun Pack. Click HERE to grab it!

We filled in the data from our class graph.

Then I had my students Q-tip paint their favorite kind of candy corn. This was so much fun and turned out so cute!

While we waited for our favorite candy corn paintings to dry, we kept busy by making a Frankenstein craft!

We played a fun game with a partner from my bats unit. Each player placed number cards 1-10 in order in front of them. Then one player turned around while the other player took one of their cards. After they took the card, they would hide it and the player would turn back around to see if they could figure out what card of theirs was taken. This was a blast!

We made Zombie hands with candy corn and popcorn!!! I remember doing this as a kid and had to do it with my class! This was also fun because we have been learning about the number 10 and we made the zombie hands with 10 fingers in all! :)

Our favorite candy corn paintings were finally dry and we made silly faces on them!

We also wrote about which kind of candy corn was our favorite.

This craft is included for FREE in my Halloween Fun Pack. You can grab it HERE!

We had a big Halloween parade with our costumes! Then I asked my students to bring in a treat/candy for everyone in the classroom. I had them trick or treat around the classroom. This is so much fun for them. Here are my little treat bags I made for my students. The labels are included in my Halloween fun pack for FREE

You can check out my Bats Unit HERE or click on the pictures below:

A lot of the activities you saw above came from some of my other products at my TPT Store. Click on the pictures below to check them out:


There were lots of FREEBIES included above! Some of those FREEBIES came from my TPT Store. Click the pictures below to grab them and make sure to scroll through this post to grab all of my other FREEBIES!

Next week is our Pumpkin Unit! Looking forward to doing lots of Literacy and Math Activities all about Pumpkins :)


  1. Terrific post! You always share so many wonderful ideas. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can check out the link to my post for all the details.

    Luv My Kinders

  2. Hi Laura! OMG!! Thank you soooooooooo much!! What an absolute honor!! That truly means so much to me and I can't thank you enough! I have really enjoyed following your blog :) Thank you so much for this huge honor and for your kind words! Looking forward to posting about the Liebster Award this weekend! Have a wonderful week! :)


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