Sunday, November 30, 2014

More Thanksgiving Fun!

What a fun short week we had this past week! When I say short, I mean 2 days of school short! Our 2 days were filled with fun and being thankful! We had a blast dressing up as Pilgrims and Native Americans while finishing up our Thanksgiving Unit!

Here is a peek at our 2 day short week! :)

We started the week making groups of 5. We did this with different kinds of food we see on Thanksgiving :)

Then we played a 'Find the Turkey' game! I hid 3 turkeys behind the numbers 1-20. I had one student come up at a time and say the number they thought the turkey was hiding behind. They would pick up the number card to see if he was there! This was so much fun and gave us lots of laughs!

We played a fun pattern game where I had one student make a pattern with colored bears on a strip. They would cover up the last 3 bears with dixie cups. When that student was done they would tell their partner to turn around. The partner that turned around would have to look at the pattern and decide which colored bears were hidden underneath each cup. This was so much fun! I think they could have played all day!

We dressed up as Pilgrims today! I had the cutest little Pilgrims in my room! :)


We read 'The Thanksgiving Surprise' by Peggy Archer and began our story map.

Then we wrote about where we would hide a turkey.

We made Pumpkin Pie in a Cup! Yummmmmm!! I had the students help me made it :)

I had graham crackers on the bottom, pumpkin pie pudding in the middle, and cool whip on the top! DELICIOUS!!

Today we began our day coloring the correct number of turkey feathers.

We jumped right into dressing up as Native Americans! We decorated our vests...

and made necklaces with dyed noodles!

We also put feathers on our pattern head bands that we made last week. Check out these cute Native Americans! :)

We played another fun patterns game today. I call this 'Pattern Musical Chairs'. Each students would make a pattern with colored tiles on a strip. They would leave the last 3 spaces empty. When I turned the music on, everyone would walk around the room and when the music stopped they found a new seat. When they got to their new seat, they would have to finish the pattern that was in front of them.

We made a class graph about whether or not we liked our pumpkin pie from yesterday.

We also filled in data to go with our class graph.

I reread the story, 'The Thanksgiving Surprise' and we finished our story map.

We made the setting of the story, sequenced the places the turkey hid, and retold the story with the two Pilgrim brothers.

Today we finished our First Thanksgiving Books! This project was so much fun to make and turned out adorable!

For the cover of the book, I traced the students hands and they turned them into turkeys :)

I gave the students their family gift today! They turned out great and my kiddos were so excited to give it to their families on Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving!

You can grab these Thanksgiving Fun Activities at my TPT store HERE or click on the picture below:

Some of the activities you saw above came from some of my Patterns Pack in my TPT store. You can click on the picture below to check it out:

Next week is our Gingerbread Unit! I am sooo excited! This is one of my absolute favorite units and it has just been completely updated! :)

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