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We had such a fun week learning all about Spiders!! These creepy crawlers were everywhere in our classroom and were involved in just about everything we did this week! Despite how much we learned about spiders and after seeing them all week, I am STILL terrified of them!!
We did TONS of math and literacy activities with spiders, made lots of crafts, and had some yummy spider treats!
Here is a peek at our fun week. I have also included some FREEBIES for you all too! :)

This week was all about the number 8! This went great with spiders having 8 legs! We practiced tracing, writing, and finding the number 8.

We also rainbow wrote the number 8 and filled in the 8 with fruit loops! We enjoyed discovering when putting 2 fruit loops together it makes the number 8 :)

We took spiders number 1-8 and mixed them up. Then we worked together as a class to put them in the correct order.

Before we read our nonfiction spider book, we talked about 'our schema' and I had students draw a picture of what their schema is about spiders in their flip books.
**This flip book has recently been added to my Spiders Unit. 


Then we shared 'our schema' with the class.

After sharing, I read our nonfiction 'Spiders' Book. I LOVE these National Geographic Kids Books!

We filled out an anchor chart to show our schema and new learning.

After we finished our anchor chart, I had my students go back to their flip books and write 2 facts that they learned about spiders. This was such an exciting day! They are starting to write sentences!!!


We made a cute little spider craft to place on the cover of our Spiders Flip Books.

We sang the poem, 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider' and then sequenced the events in the poem.

We also made our very own 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' Sequencing Flip Books.

We practiced making groups of 8 with different colored tiles.


Then we found groups of 8.

We practiced counting on from a given number to 8. We used spider legs to help us with this :)


Then we counted the legs on the spiders and drew the correct number of legs to get 8 altogether.

We took 8 spiders that were two different colors. We practiced making an AB patterns with these 8 spiders.

We started working on our 'Interactive Spider Books' today. We read the sentence, wrote the sentence, built the sentence, and then made an AB pattern with 8 spiders.

I reread the nonfiction 'National Geographic Kids: Spiders' Book and my students helped me make an informational anchor chart.

We wrote the facts that we learned on our own informational chart and then made a spider craft to go along with it.

We showed 8 spiders in a ten frame today.

Then we made AB patterns with 8 spiders in a ten frame and practiced tracing and writing the number 8.

We also made dots with our fingerprints to show numbers 1-8.

We turned our fingerprints into spiders!!!

We also read a mini reader and practiced counting on from a given number to 8. We made spider legs to show 8 legs altogether.


We labeled the different parts of a spider.

Then we worked more on our 'Interactive Spider Books'. We drew a spider and labeled the different parts.

We also did another page in our books where we put 8 legs on the spider. We used sparkly pipe cleaners for the legs :)

We had fun making an interactive setting of 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider'. We filled in the blanks in the poem and then acted out the story.

For morning work today, we matched ten frames to the correct number.


We got to be spiders 'crawling' to the number 8 on our super large number line.

Then we made hops on a number line, glued 8 spiders in an AB pattern, and practiced tracing/writing the number 8.

We practiced counting out spiders on a web.

Then we read a mini reader, placed the correct number of spiders on each page, and counted the spiders on the web.



We worked more on our 'Interactive Spider Books' and glued 8 googly eyes on our spider. This was a huge hit for my kiddos!

We read 'The Very Busy Spider' and placed the animals that came to see the spider in the correct order.

Then, we did an interactive sequencing activity to go along with the story.

We made a spider craft today and matched the numbers to the correct number of dots.

We started the morning with some spider beginning sounds practice.

We finished our number 8 board.

We completed 'All About the Number 8' page on our own.

We worked on our 'Interactive Number 8 Math Mini Reader'.  Students read the sentence and then cut out pictures of dice and ten frames to show the number in the sentence. 
This mini reader is a FREEBIE!!


You can grab this interactive math mini reader HERE!

We put our 'Spider Books' together today!! We worked so hard on them all week and it was very exciting to see all of the hard work in one book. They were so proud of themselves and I sure was too!

We graphed whether or no we are afraid of spiders. I sure do have some brave kids in my class! I feel good knowing if I see a spider in our classroom that I have 14 students who will not be afraid of it! 
I will be the one running away!!

We were very busy spiders today and spun our very own webs. We also wrote about how we are busy in kindergarten and placed it on our spider that hangs from our webs! 
**I recently added more writing templates for the spider to this unit.



We played 'Spider Splat!' I would say a letter or sight word out loud and students would try to be the first one to SPLAT the spider. The first one to touch the spider kept the card. The person with the most cards in the end was the winner.

We also played a fun math game. We were so busy and having fun that I did not get to take pictures of the kiddos playing the game. Here are some other pictures I took for you to see. 
Students placed 8 spider rings in a cup. They also placed number cards 1-8 around a web.

They shook the cup and dumped out the spider rings on the spider web. 

They counted only the spider rings that landed on the web and took that number card to show the number.

Afterwards, we turned our black paper cups into spiders!!

We had a celebration at the end of the day for all of our SUPER hard work and for being such busy spiders this week! We made yummy spider treats with Oreos and pretzel sticks.


I also made them spider lollipops!

This Spider Unit: Math, Literacy, and Writing Activities can be found in my TPT store HERE! You can also click on the pictures below:


A lot of the activities that you saw above came from some of my products in my TPT store. You can click on the pictures below to check them out:

I have included some FREEBIES this week. If you did not grab them above you can grab them below! Thanks for checking out my blog! Click on the pictures to grab some FREEBIES!

Next week is a short week with parent teacher conferences, but we will be starting my Bats Unit

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