Saturday, October 4, 2014

Scarecrows! Part One

Happy October!! Is it me or has time been flying by?? This week we jumped right into the first part of my Scarecrow Unit! We had a lot of fun doing different math and literacy activities that were all about Scarecrows! Here is a look at our week! Make sure to grab the FREEBIES I have included this week for you all :)
This week was all about the number 6! We started by tracing the number and word, writing the number, and finding the number 6.

Next, we rainbow wrote the number 6 and filled in the other 6 with cereal! Learning is always more fun when food is involved! :)

We practiced counting to 6 with crows. We also played a little game with this crow fold down. I would say a number out loud and my students would show me that many crows on the scarecrows arms. This was a great little informal assessment!

Today I read the story, 'The Falling Leaves and the Scarecrow'. We took the information that we learned about Scarecrows and made an informational chart.

Then, we wrote our very own informational charts.

This week our sight word focus was 'to'. We read our sight word mini reader on a pocket chart. We are practicing using the reading strategies of looking at the picture and the first letter of the unknown words.

We practiced tracing and writing our sight word 'to' with markers. This is a FREEBIE!!

You can grab this 'to' tracing page for free HERE

We talked about things that we like to do and made a writing chart. We did some interactive writing using this chart. You can see that at the bottom.

Today we worked on making groups of 6. We had fun making towers of 6 with our unifix cubes.

Then we practiced finding groups of 6.

I read the story, 'The Little Scarecrow Boy' and we added some more information to our Scarecrow informational chart. Then, we used the chart to make complete sentences about scarecrows and wrote them in an informational flip book. We also made a cute scarecrow craft to go with our writing.



We practiced our sight word reader on the pocket chart and highlighted our focus sight word 'to'.

Then we worked on tracing, writing, and rainbow writing the sight word 'to'.

We did some more interactive writing on our writing map from yesterday and then we jumped right into writing sentences on our own with the help of the writing map. This writing book is for FREE!

You can grab this mini writing book for free HERE!!

We practiced showing 6 in our SUPER LARGE ten frame. We acted like scarecrows and stood very still and quiet :)

Then we traced and wrote the number 6 and placed 6 scarecrows in a ten frame.
**I just added these scarecrow pictures to my Numbers 1-10 Packs! Download the file again if you already have it to get these new pictures :)

This is our friend Sammy Scarecrow! He has been hanging out with us all week. Today, we practiced counting out 6 crows on his arms. We also determined how many more crows we would need to add to the other arm to get 6 crows altogether.

I read the cute story, 'The Scarecrow's Hat'. We talked about what the problems were that the characters had and what the solutions were to their problems. We made an anchor chart to show the problems and solutions.

We got our very own sight word mini readers today and read them together on the carpet. 

We also wrote more in our mini writing books about things that we like to do.

If you did not grab this FREEBIE above, you can grab it for free HERE!

Today was an exciting day for us because we got to hop further down our super large number line! We hopped all the way to the number 6 today!

Then we traced and wrote the number 6, made hops to 6 on the number line, and glued scarecrows under the numbers 1-6. 
**I just added these scarecrow pictures to my Numbers 1-10 Packs! Download the file again if you already have it to get these new pictures :)

We practiced more with determining how many more crows we needed to add to the other arm of Sammy to get 6 crows altogether.


We reread the story, 'The Scarecrow's Hat'. Then, we completed our very own interactive problem and solution activity. They glue the characters in the order they appeared in the story. Then, they placed the solution to the problem underneath the correct character.


We talked about the different parts of a scarecrow. We did some interactive writing to label each part of a scarecrow.

We circled our focus sight word 'to' in our sight word mini readers and we also practiced reading them!


We finished filling in our Number 6 Board today!

Then, we completed 'All About Number 6' on our own. I love seeing all of their new knowledge!

After all the practice we had with Sammy Scarecrow this week, we had a pretty good idea on how to determine how many more crows need to be added to get 6 altogether. We got our very own math mini readers where students counted how many crows were on the scarecrow. They would add the correct number of crows on to the scarecrow to show 6 altogether. 


We made scarecrows out of 2D Shapes today!! We also graphed how many we used of each shape to make the scarecrow.


We started working in our mini books about the different parts of a scarecrow. We will work on this more next week in Part 2 of our Scarecrow Unit.

Today, I allowed my students to choose a friend to read their sight word mini reader with. They got to pick anywhere in the room they wanted to sit as long as it was a good choice. They did so great and absolutely LOVED getting to choose who they read with and where they got to sit. They were so proud of themselves reading their book on their own to a friend! So precious and I am so proud too!

Next week will be Part 2 of my Scarecrow Unit!! I can't wait for all the fun we will be having! You can check out all that is included in my Scarecrow Unit at my TPT Store by clicking HERE or on the picture below:

Some of the other activities that you saw above came from some of my TPT products. You can click on the pictures below to check them out.

I just finished my Number 6 Interactive Mini Reader and have it in my TPT Store for FREE!! I have made 3 different mini readers for you to choose from, mix and match, or use to differentiate! You can check it out HERE or click on the pictures below:

#1- An interactive counting mini reader.

#2- A counting mini reader.

#3- An addition mini reader.

One last thing... I am having a SALE on EVERYTHING in my TPT Store until the end of tomorrow, October 5th! Everything is 20% OFF!! :)


  1. Another great posting! You are incredible with the activities you do with your kids in the classroom. What a wonderful week you had. I love your activities and will continue to follow you!
    Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures and of course, the freebies! Love your number line - any tips to make one like yours?

    1. Hi Maryann! Thank you so so much and an extra special thanks for following my blog! Means so much to me!
      For the number line, I printed off large numbers 0-10 and laminated them. I made strips of black construction paper and laminated the strips. I also made black circles out of construction paper and laminated those as well. I put the number line together by taping the black strips together and placing the circles on each spot where I connected the black strips. I hope this helps and please let me know if you need anything else or more details :) Have a great week!

  2. hi ,this is israt..i love your students will be happy if they would do it.


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