Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy Halloween SALE!

The day that our kiddos have been talking about since the first day of school is only 2 days away!!! HALLOWEEN!!! I know we are all so busy making this week extra special and fun for our students, so I thought a SALE is much needed!!

I am having a SALE on EVERYTHING in my TPT store! Everything is 20% OFF!! The sale starts today and will continue until Friday, October 31st! I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween! 

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bats! Part One

We made it to fall break! I am so proud of how far my kindergarteners have come along since the beginning of the year! This week was a super short week. I had 2 1/2 days with my students and the rest of the week was parent teacher conferences. This week we hit a big milestone... 50 days of school!!!! We also started my Bats Unit! We can't wait to continue the rest of it next week, but here is a peek at what the first part of our bat unit looked like.

Take a peek into our week.... don't forget some FREEBIES included! :)

This short week was all about the number 9. We practiced tracing and writing the number 9. Then we searched and circled the number 9.

We had fun rainbow writing and filling the number 9 with candy corn this week!

I placed 9 numbered bats on the floor and mixed them up. We worked as a class to get them back in the correct order.


Then we practiced putting bats in the correct order 1-9 on sentence strips. 

We of course turned these into hats!!

We did a directed drawing of a bat and I am super impressed with how well they did! The first picture is my drawing and their drawings were fantastic!


We read a nonfiction book, 'National Geographic Kids: Bats'. I just love these books! They are so kid friendly and my students eyes do not leave the book the entire time I am reading. They LOVE all of the pictures and fun facts!
We made a bat anchor chart with 'Our Schema', 'New Learning', and 'Misconceptions'.

We also labeled our bat diagram.

Then we made a bat diagram on our own to place in our bat facts book.

Happy 50th Day of School!! What an exciting day! We are half way to 100 and my kiddos know that on that day we will be having a HUGE celebration! We got to color and wear these super cool 'I Am 50 Days Smarter' bracelets. I let them choose between 3 different designs.


These 50th Day os School Bracelets are for FREE!! You can grab them HERE!

We practiced making groups of 9.

Then we found groups of 9 on our own.

Since we had a short week, I also included showing 9 on a ten frame today. This is one of their favorite activities. We had a lot of fun being 9 bats on our super large ten frame!

Then we filled in our own ten frame with 9 bats and we also traced/wrote the number 9.

We counted dots on a bats wings and glued them next to the other wing with the correct number to make the bat complete! My kiddos thought this was hilarious!


We have been practicing A LOT on stretching out words when we read and write. We practiced making CVC words with help from our bat friend.



On our bat anchor chart, we added facts about what bats can do, what they have, and what they are.

We also filled out our very own 'can, have, are' charts.

Today came fast! We filled in our Number 9 Board.

Then we showed all that we know about the number 9 independently. 

We read a mini reader where we counted bats, filled in blank spaces to make the sentence complete, and even wrote our very own sentences.


We wrote 2 facts that we learned about bats to go in our bat books. 
I am so proud of their writing. They are working hard on sounding out the words the are writing. I was blown away today! 

It was FINALLY time to put our bat books together! First we made a bat craft. 

Then, the students put their bat diagram, writing, and cover together to make a book on the bats stomach. This is how they turned out!


We hung them up in the hallway above our spiders just in time for parent teacher conferences. My students were so excited and proud to share these with their families.


We will continue our Bats Unit next week and will be having lots of fun with Stellaluna! You can check out my bat unit at my TPT store HERE or click on the pictures below.

Some of the activities you saw above came from some of my products in my TPT Store. You can click on the pictures below to check them out:

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Also, I finished my Number 9 Interactive Math Mini Readers! It is for FREE and there are 3 books you can choose from, mix and match, or use for differentiating. You can grab this freebie HERE or click on the pictures below:


Have a great weekend everyone! :)
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