Saturday, September 20, 2014

Three Billy Goats Gruff, 5 Little Ducks, and FREEBIES!

What a great week! This week we had so much fun with 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' in Literacy and '5 Little Ducks' in Math! We also focused on the sight word 'like' and worked on the number 5.

I included FREEBIES for you all for taking the time to check out my blog! Make sure you grab them! And... my literacy activities for 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' will be offered for FREE for a limited time in my TPT store! :)

Here is a peek at our week!
This week we focused on the number 5. We practiced tracing, writing, and finding the number 5.

We also started to learn about rectangles this week. This is our rectangle poster!

We practiced rainbow writing the number 5 and we filled the other one in with rectangles!


We learned the cute poem '5 Little Ducks' and we practiced saying the poem with this 5 Little Ducks Retelling Fold Down.

We would flip up one duck for each verse. This helped us read our numbers and know what number we would say in the poem next.

In literacy we focused on the story, 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. We learned about the characters today and placed the characters on our story map.

Then we worked in our Story Elements Flip Book and showed the characters from the story on our own!


Our sight word focus for the week was 'like'. We read our Sight Word Mini Reader on our pocket chart today.

Then we practiced tracing our sight word 'like'. This tracing page is a FREEBIE!!

Click HERE to grab this tracing page for FREE!

I was told that today was hat day!! So of course we had to make one of my hats! We were learning about the letter Tt and we made the letter Tt hat!



Today we worked on making groups of 5. I had a lot of rectangles left over from yesterday, so we practiced making groups of 5 with those rectangles.

We counted and colored groups of 5.

We worked more on rectangles today. We traced rectangles, drew them, and wrote how many sides and vertices it has.

We combined math and literacy with an interactive math reader. We read short sentences and glued the correct number of ducks on each page.

I reread the story, 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' and we talked about the setting on our story map.

Then we wrote about the setting in our Story Elements Flip Book.

We practiced our sight word mini reader and highlighted our focus sight word, 'like' on the pocket chart.

We traced, wrote, and rainbow wrote the sight word 'like'.

Today was an exciting day! We got our spacemen and space girls!! I let my students decorate them to make them even more special!

We practiced reading and writing in our writing books! We got to put those spacemen and space girls to use! We read a sentence, wrote the sentence, and then built the sentence. I have made this reading and writing book for FREE!


Click HERE to grab this book for FREE!

We practiced counting and matching spots to the correct number on the barn.

We retold '5 Little Ducks' on our Super Large ten frame! 

After that, we filled our own ten frames with 5 little ducks and practiced tracing and writing the number 5.

We sorted rectangle pictures on our pocket chart.

I reread, 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' and we focused on sequencing the story on our story map.

Then we finished our story elements flip book and sequenced the order the goats went across the bridge.

I let my students do the teaching today :) 
They came up to the pocket chart and guided the rest of the class with reading our sight word book of the week. This was ADORABLE!!

I gave the sight word mini readers to each student and we sat down together and choral read.

We worked more in our reading and writing books.

Click HERE if you did not grab it for FREE above.

We practiced our one-to-one correspondence by glue the correct number of ducks next to the number.

Then we made 5 hops on our Super Large number line. We get so excited the further we go down the number line! We 'quacked' while we hopped. Yes.... I may have regretted that!! :)

Then we made hops on our own number line and glued 5 ducks under the numbers on the number line. We also traced and wrote the number 5.

We made rectangle hats today!

We got to retell the story, 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' with a super simple craft. This was so much fun and so cute to watch them retell the story! They did so great!

Their favorite part was when the troll was knocked into the river! I was laughing a lot seeing them reenact that part! 

We also sequenced the story.

We practiced building our sight word 'like' with our friends. I gave each student a letter from the sight word and they walked around to find their friends with the letters they needed to make the word 'like'.

We circled our sight word 'like' in our sight word mini reader.


We also completed another page in our reading and writing books.

Click HERE if you did not grab it for FREE above.

We completed our Number 5 Board today!

Then we did an 'All About the Number 5' activity on our own to show all of our new knowledge.


We made another hat! I think this week would definitely be called 'hat week'! We made a Number 5 hat and showed all of our new learning about the number 5!


Since we learned about rectangles this week, I gave them each a special treat in the shape of a rectangle... graham crackers! I had my students touch the sides and vertices. Then I had them eat only the vertices. They of course got to eat the rest of the graham cracker :)

We read a mini book that included math and literacy. Students read short sentences and then counted how many ducks were on each page. They wrote that number on the line to make the sentence complete.

The last page of their books I had them order the numbers 1-5.

We used our whisper phones to read our sight word mini readers today. 

We used a writing map and talked about different things we like. Then, we did some interactive writing (seen on the bottom of the chart) to practice writing sentences using our writing map.

On the last page of our reading and writing books, I had my students use the writing map to write a sentence about what they like.

Click HERE if you did not grab this book for FREE above.

We finished our great week with a game! They played 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' Game. They took a letter or sight word out of the bag. If they read it correctly, they placed it on the bridge on their game board. If not, they put it back in their bag. If they pick a troll from the bag, they have to put ALL of their pieces that are on their game board back in the bag. When the bridge is full, they WIN! This game can be played independently or with a friend :)
So much fun!


A lot of these activities that you saw above came from some of my products in my TPT store. You can check them out by clicking on the links below:


There are lots of FREEBIES included this week. Here is one of the FREEBIES in case you missed it:

We had such a great week! Next week we will be having lots of fun with my Apple Unit!! I told them to get lots of sleep this weekend to get ready for next week! I think I was saying that for myself too! :)


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