Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mr. Fuzzy RULES the Classroom!

I have been asked by a lot of people, "Who is that cute little creature that we see in a lot of your pictures?!"

That cute little creature is... Mr. Fuzzy! He is part of our classroom family!!

I wanted to take the time to tell you all about Mr. Fuzzy, how he runs our classroom, and how he is ultimately one of my favorite classroom management systems I have in my room!

After the first month of school, I introduce Mr. Fuzzy to my students and explain how each table will get a Mr. Fuzzy.

I place Mr. Fuzzy on one of the students name tags at each table. The person who has Mr. Fuzzy on their name tag will have him for the day and will be the 'leader' of their table for the day.

This 'leader' will help pass out papers at their table, get items for their table (markers, whiteboards, etc.), and basically be my extra helper for the day.

When the day is over, they give Mr. Fuzzy to the person sitting next to them at their table and that person will get to have Mr. Fuzzy on their name tag and be the 'leader' of their table the following day.

Getting to have Mr. Fuzzy on your name tag for the day is a BIG DEAL, so we definitely have to have rules in order to make it more special! :)

The RULES of having Mr. Fuzzy for the day:

#1 No Touching or Playing with Mr. Fuzzy
-Mr. Fuzzy is so cute and looks like a lot of fun to play with, so at the very beginning I give the tables about 3-5 minute to hold Mr. Fuzzy, pet him, and get all of that out of their systems. It is adorable and so funny to watch them during this time. I always have most of my kiddos talk to Mr. Fuzzy with the high pitch voice like most of us do with babies. Too funny!
-After the 3-5 minutes of playing with Mr. Fuzzy, I explain to everyone that when he is on their name tag for the day that they are not to play with him, hold him, etc. If they are doing that they will lose their job for the day and Mr. Fuzzy will go to the next person at their table.
-This teaches wonderful SELF CONTROL!! I can honestly say that after 2 years of using Mr. Fuzzy in my classroom that I have taken it away only twice. CRAZY... I know!!
-Also, as you can see Mr. Fuzzy is rather fuzzy! He has crazy hair!! I let my students know that he NEVER needs a haircut so we should not be picking at his hairs or cutting them!

#2 Quiet Voices
-Since Mr. Fuzzy is so little, I tell my students he has tiny ears. We have looked for his ears, but we just can't find them! That is how TINY they are! :) 
-I let my students know that we need to talk quietly so that we do not hurt Mr. Fuzzy's ear. This works wonderfully! They all care so much about Mr. Fuzzy, so when we sometimes get a little chatty or raise our voices a little too much, I remind them that we need to quiet down for Mr. Fuzzy and it really does magic! The noise level drops drastically!

#3 Be a Good Friend
-Mr. Fuzzy loves students who are nice and kind to others. Sometimes when we allow 'leaders' in our classrooms, they can take their role a little too seriously and may get 'bossy'. Mr. Fuzzy does not like when he sees people not being kind to others. I let my students know that if he is sitting with someone for the day that is not being kind to others that he will get really upset and might cry. Before Mr. Fuzzy gets to the point where he may cry, I will move him to the next person so that he feels happier.

#4 Be Responsible
-Mr. Fuzzy is truly part of our family and we want to take care of him just like we want to take care of everyone in our family and ourselves. I let my students know how important it is to make sure that we know where Mr. Fuzzy is at all times and that his home is on our tables (meaning... he shouldn't be hiding in someones pocket, book bag, under the table, etc.)

Getting Mr. Fuzzy for the day is something my students REALLY look forward to. And I mean they REALLY REALLY REALLY look forward to their day when they have him on their name tag. Even when they do not have him for the day, they can't wait for their turn! I don't blame them... he is ADORABLE!

Plus they LOVE getting to be the 'leader' and my little helper for the day. I let those students feel like a little teacher by calling them their name with the Miss or Mr. in front of it. (Ex: Michael is called Mr. Michael for the day)

We truly love our Mr. Fuzzy and he has been such a wonderful addition to our family each year! He has taught us about self control, making good choices, being kind to others, being responsible, and has really helped with our classroom rules.

I hope you enjoyed reading all about Mr. Fuzzy and I am sure he would LOVE to be in your classroom too! :)

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