Sunday, September 7, 2014

Goldilocks and the Three Bears! + FREEBIES!

I hope everyone had a wonderful short week! I don't know about you, but my week seemed to fly by! This week in my class we had a ton of FUN with my Goldilocks and the Three Bears Unit! In just 4 short weeks I have seen so much progress from my students and I can't wait for all there is to come this year!
Here is a look at all of the fun we had this week. I have also included FREEBIES in here for you, so make sure you check those out!

We learned all about the number 3 this week! We started by practicing tracing, writing, and finding the number 3.

Since we are learning all about the number 3 and a triangle has 3 sides and vertices, this was a perfect time to also work on learning about triangles! Here is my triangle poster friend that hung out with us all week :)

We rainbow wrote 3 and then filled the 3 with colorful triangles!

Our sight word focus for the week was: 'a'
I introduced the sight word mini reader to my students on a pocket chart. We use this pocket chart to also work on reading strategies. We are focusing a lot on looking at the pictures.

We read the story, 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. Then, we started to fill out our story map.

 We also started our Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story Elements Books. We got to color the cover of our books.

We talked about characters and then they glued the correct characters from the story in their books.

We covered the characters with the Three Bears house. But we turned it into a surprise! When you lift it up... 

The characters are underneath!!

We also discussed what the setting was on our story map and then I had my students draw a picture of the setting.

For the number 3 today, we started by making groups of 3 with Teddy Grahams!! YUM!! It fit perfectly with the story we were focusing on!

Then, we practiced finding groups of 3.

We also worked on showing 3 in our SUPER LARGE ten frame.

We practiced tracing the number 3 and filling the ten frame with 3 bears.

We talked more about triangles today as well. We practiced making triangles, writing how many sides and vertices, and we also turned the triangle into a silly triangle person!

Today, we reread our sight word mini reader on the pocket chart. This time I had the students come up and point to the words as the class read. We also highlighted our sight word: 'a' in each sentence.

I reread the story, 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and we discussed sequencing on our story map. Then, we took our our story elements book and sequenced the main events in the story.

We also read a mini reader about Goldilocks and the Three Bears to help with our sight words and reading strategies!

Today we practiced showing 3 on a number line. We each made 3 hops on my SUPER LARGE number line.

I had some teddy graham crackers left over fro yesterday, so we used them to make 3 on on the number line.

Then, we made 3 hops with our pencil, practiced tracing and writing 3, and glued 3 bears under the numbers on the number line.

We made a 1-3 Flip book! Students showed the numbers 1-3 in a variety of ways.

We sorted pictures of real life objects and characters that were and were not triangles.

We made triangle hats!! They are lots of fun and interactive! I had my students write how many sides and vertices the triangle has and then cut different real life pictures and glue only the ones that look like a triangle on to the front of the hat.

We practiced rainbow writing, writing, and find sight words! GUESS WHAT!! This is one of the FREEBIES this week! I have 8 worksheets with 4 different sight words on each page.

Click HERE to get this FREEBIE!!

We worked more on our Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story Elements Books. Today, we worked on sequencing the order that Goldilocks ate the porridge, sat on the chairs, and laid in the beds. They also colored the bear that Goldilocks thought was 'just right'.


We finished filling in our Number 3 Number Board today!

Then, we showed all our new knowledge about the number 3 on our own!

We read a Number 3 Interactive Mini Reader where students read the short sentence and then determined how many more shapes they needed to add on to the page to get 3 altogether. They did so great with this! I was very proud! GUESS WHAT!!! This is another FREEBIE for you this week! I have this mini reader in 2 different versions for you to choose from or use for differentiating!


Click HERE to grab this FREEBIE!

We played 'My Lucky Number' with the Three Bears. Students rolled the dice and colored the box that they landed on. The first number that goes to the top is their lucky number!

We circled the sight word: 'a' in our sight word mini readers today and read them to a friend and to ourselves independently! Such an exciting thing to see!

I like to laminate a copy of the mini reader, place a hole in the corner, and hold it together with a metal ring. I then place it in my classroom library for students to enjoy reading during centers.

We finished our Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story Elements Book today! Today we discussed where the bears found Goldilocks. They glued the correct picture on the page.

Then, they covered the picture of Goldilocks with the 3 bears. When you lifted up the 3 bears...

There was Goldilocks laying the baby bears bed!

We chose our favorite character from the story and placed it on our large class graph.

We also filled in our data to go with the class graph.

 Last thing we did for the week was make the character that was our favorite from the story. They turned out ADORABLE!! :)



What a busy but FUN week we had! Next week we will be doing my 3 Little Pigs Unit and I can't wait!! I hope you can find these activities and FREEBIES helpful for your classroom :)

The activities that you saw above came from some of my products in my TPT Store. You can click on the pictures below to grab these activities.

Here are my FREEBIES for this week in case you missed them above. Click on the pictures to grab them.


  1. omg i love the goldilocks freebie and will be using it in my class, i think the kids are going to adore it! thanks for this i think i am going to get it posted on if thats allowed?

  2. So cool thank you first time I am a Pre school teacher

  3. I love all of your stuff! I am curious, do you have a curriculum you follow, or do you just do your own thing?


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