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3 Little Pigs + Pete the Cat + FREEBIES!!! = FUN!!!

What another fun and BUSY week!! We had a blast doing all kinds of different activities with 'The Three Little Pigs' and 'Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons'! We focused on the Three Little Pigs in literacy and Pete the Cat in math this week.  I am having so much fun with my class! They are the sweetest and are so excited to learn!!
Here is a look at my week and I have included a TON of FREEBIES for you this week as a thank you for reading my blog! It means so much to me!

This week we focused on the Number 4. We practiced Tracing, Writing, and Finding the Number 4.

We also learned about 'squares' this week since it goes great with the number 4! Here is our 'square' poster.

We also rainbow wrote the number 4 and filled in the other 4 with squares since we learned that they have 4 sides and 4 vertices.

We read another one of my favorite stories (Yes, you probably see me say that every week!), 'The Three Little Pigs'. We focused on the characters and the setting today on our story map.

Then, we got our Three Little Pigs Story Elements Books and found the characters and setting of the story.

Our sight word focus of the week was 'can'. We read our Sight Word Mini Reader on the pocket chart today. We are have been using our strategy of looking at the pictures to help us determine unknown words.

Then, we wrote our sight word 'can' with our favorite... MARKERS!!

You can grab this tracing page for free HERE!

Today, I read the story 'Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons'. We talked about making groups of 4. I had them practice making groups of 4 at their tables with buttons.

Then, we practiced finding groups of 4.

As a little assessment, I would say a number and have my students write it in the box that I told them. Then, I gave them each a small sheet of dot stickers. They placed the correct number of stickers in the box to show the number. This hits so many Common Core Standards and they had sooo much fun! This is also a FREEBIE! 

You can grab this fun activity or assessment for free HERE

We worked more on squares today and practiced tracing, writing, and counting the number of sides and vertices. Our favorite part is making a square person!

I reread the story, 'The Three Little Pigs' and we focused on sequencing the story. We had so much fun pretending to 'Huff and Puff' just like the wolf while reading the story!

We worked more in our story elements books by sequencing the events from the story.

We read a mini math reader where we completed the sentence by counting the pictures and writing the correct number on the lines.


For our sight word focus 'can', I had my students come up to our pocket chart and highlight our sight word 'can'. I also, had one student at a time use my pointer to point to each word in the sentence as we read it together as a class. They LOVE when they get to be the teacher!

We started a writing map today for our sight word 'can'. We talked about different things we 'can' do and wrote it on our map. Then, we used the map to do some interactive writing and practiced writing a sentence. (You can see the sentences at the bottom of the chart)

We had so much fun retelling the story 'Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons' on my super large ten frame!

Then we practiced tracing, writing, and showing 4 in a ten frame.

For another activity and easy assessment, I had my students practice writing the numbers 1-4 on the lines in each box and then they filled in the ten frames to show the number. This is another FREEBIE of the week!
You can grab this for free HERE

We made pigs out of 2D Shapes!!

 We filled in a graph and data to show all the 2D shapes we used to make the pig.

I reread the story, 'The Three Little Pigs'... my kiddos read it more than I did this time! Then, we worked in our story elements books to show which houses the wolf blew down and which one he didn't.

We sure do love our markers, but I think PAINT trumps the markers! We practiced writing our sight word 'can' by making paint dots with Q-tips! Grab this fun activity for free HERE!

We worked more with our 'can' writing map from yesterday. Then, we each got our own writing books and wrote a sentence using our writing map as a guide. This is another FREEBIE this week!
Click HERE to grab this writing book for free!

Today was the day to bring out my super large number line! We were so excited to make hops to the number 4! I let them each pick which color button from Pete the Cat that they would like to hold while hopping.

After that, we practiced tracing and writing the number 4 and making hops to 4 on the number line. We also glued 4 buttons under the correct numbers on the number line.

We practiced writing the numbers 1-4 with rainbow writing and then we practiced drawing objects 1-4 in a flip book. Since we have been reading 'Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons' this week, I had them draw the correct number of buttons under each number. And... this is another FREEBIE!!

You can grab this flip book for free HERE!

We practiced sorting different objects that are and are not squares.

Then, we made a square hat for us to wear!

These are such a cute accessory for the day! Love wearing them with my kiddos and they are GREAT to cover up my bad hair days!!

We are starting to work on making CVC words and what more fun is there than to make CVC words with the Three Little Pigs!



We finished our last part of our Story Elements Books by showing what each little pig made their house out of. 


We circled our sight word 'can' in our Sight Word Mini Readers. We also practiced reading them with a friend!

We worked more in our 'can' writing books and continued to use our 'can' writing map as a guide to help us write sentences.
If you missed this FREEBIE above, you can grab it HERE!

We finished filling in our Number 4 Board today.

It is so exciting to see my kiddos fill in this All About Number 4 activity on their own! They have come sooo far these past 5 weeks!

We also worked on our Number 4 Interactive Mini Reader. We read short repetitive sentences and then glued the pictures on the correct page to show the number. This math mini reader is also for FREE!!!

You can grab this Interactive Mini reader for free HERE!

We celebrated all of our new knowledge about the Number 4 by making a Number Hat!

Since we were learning about squares this week, I gave everyone a special mini square cake. Before eating it, I had them touch the sides and vertices.

I also had them eat the vertices first. Then, it was finally time to eat it ALL!!

Pete the Cat hung out with us all week! We sure do love Pete! We practiced retelling the story with his 4 groovy buttons. Students would come up and take off a button and then we would continue telling the story. So much fun!

His BELLY BUTTON was our favorite part!!! Soooo many laughs!!! The cutest laughs!!

Because they loved Pete so much, I let them each make Pete and gave them 4 groovy buttons! We used our craft to retell the story!


Of course we did not forget his BELLY BUTTON!!!
I have this Pete the Cat Templates for FREE!! You can grab them HERE!

I read the story, 'The True Story of the Three Little Pigs' today. We discussed the two different versions of the story and decided who we believe. We made a class graph of who we believe and looks like we believe the WOLF!

We filled in data to show the graph.

After that, we wrote who we believed and made a fun little flip up house. I had my students tell me why they believed the wolf or the pigs and I wrote their reason.

Next, we got to think of what we would build our house out of if we were one of the pigs. 



During centers, I also had them draw what they would make their house out of. I took their pages and turned them into a class book for us to enjoy and read in our classroom library!


Today, we used whisper phones to read our mini sight word books to ourselves! They were sooo excited when I brought them out. So proud of my beginning readers!! :)

We ended the week with a fun sight word and letter game! They would pull out a card and read the letter or sight word. If they said it correctly, they got to keep the card. If not, they put the card back in the bag. If they pulled out the WOLF, they had to put ALL of their cards back in the bag. This was lots of fun and will definitely be added to my centers next week!



A lot of the activities that you saw above came from some of my products in my TPT store. You can check them out by clicking on the pictures below:

There are tons of FREEBIES included above! If you did not grab them all, make sure to scroll through this post again. Here are two of the many FREEBIES in case you missed them

I hope you all had a wonderful week and that you can use these ideas and FREEBIES in your class :) Next week we will be having fun with Three Billy Goats Gruff and 5 Little Ducks!

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