Saturday, September 27, 2014

Apple Week!

It's FALL!!! My most favorite time of year!! We kicked off the fall season with my Apple Unit! We had an absolute blast learning about apples and Johnny Appleseed. We did lots of different math and literacy activities with apples this week.
Here is a peek at our Apple Week! You will find some FREEBIES throughout this post :)
This week we reviewed our numbers 1-5! We practiced ordering numbers, counting objects and matching it to the number, and finding the numbers on ten frames.


We began learning about positional words. We used Johnny Appleseed to help us! I had an apple taped on to a string and we practiced moving the apple around to the different positions I would say. We had lots of fun! Our favorite was when the apple was behind Johnny Appleseed! We had to put the apple on the back of the paper! :)

Next, we practiced labeling the different parts of an apple and made an apple diagram. 
I got this cute idea from the wonderful Rachelle at What the Teacher Wants!

I then had my students make their own apples and label them :)


This week our sight word focus was 'my'. We read our sight word reader on a pocket chart today and worked on our reading strategies.

Then, we practiced tracing the sight word my. This is a FREEBIE!

Grab this FREE tracing page HERE

We worked on one-to-one correspondence by cutting and gluing the correct number of apples next to the number. We also rainbow wrote the numbers. (This activity also comes with the numbers mixed up!)

We worked more on positional words and read an interactive mini reader where we had to glue the apple in the correct position around the tree. Johnny Appleseed would tell us where to put the apple :)

We read the Scholastic Vocabulary Reader 'Amazing Apples' and learned about how apples grow and the process of an apple tree growing. We made an anchor chart and sequenced how an apple tree grows.

Then we sequenced how an apple tree grows with an apple craft!



We worked more on our sight word reader and practiced our reading strategies. I had students come up to the pocket chart and highlight our focus sight word 'my'.

 Then, we completed a trace, write, rainbow write activity with the sight word 'my'.

We talked about different things that we like and made a writing map. We also did some interactive writing on the bottom.

We read a math mini reader and glued the correct number of apples on to each page. As you can see, I love making books for math where students can read and do math at the same time!  (This mini reader also comes addition for higher level or differentiating)



We practiced our positional words with this little Johnny Appleseed activity. I gave each student 6 apples and they would color an apple the colors I told them. Then, I would tell them what position I wanted them to glue the apple on the page. I would say the color of the apple and the position to help make this activity easy to manage :)


Our favorite was 'behind' of course!!

We read a nonfiction book about Johnny Appleseed and wrote some facts that we learned about him on an anchor chart.

Then we wrote 3 facts.

I gave each student their very own sight word mini reader today and we sat in a circle to practice reading, choral reading, etc. 

We used our writing chart from yesterday to write sentences on whiteboard. So proud!!

I gave students their own writing book to write their own sentences with the help of our writing chart. This writing book is for FREE!
You can grab it for free HERE!

We practiced our one-to-one correspondence today by making the correct number of painted fingerprints.

Once they dried, we turned these fingerprint into apples!! (This activity also comes with the numbers mixed up and with addition for higher level or differentiating)

We got to taste red, green, and yellow apples today! What made it even more fun and exciting was how many students have never had a yellow apple before. They were so excited! But let's be honest... ANYTHING with FOOD is exciting!! :)


We made a class graph of our favorite apple and did some interactive writing of our data.

We also filled in our own data to go along with our class graph.

Then, we wrote about the apple that we liked best. I seriously am so excited with how well they are doing with writing. After seeing the word apple all week all over our room and throughout the activities, a lot of my students knew where to find the word and I even had a few that remembered how to spell it!! 


We circled our focus sight word in our sight word mini readers today. Then we practiced reading independently and to a friend.

We wrote some more in our writing books.
You can grab this writing book for free HERE

Last year I had someone help me make applesauce for my class. This year I was determined to try it on my own. I am not a good cook AT ALL! I am better off as far away from the kitchen as possible! SO.... I was SUPER nervous about making this today. Thank you sooo much to 'The Frugal Girls' for giving me this super easy to follow applesauce recipe. You can find it HERE


While the applesauce was cooking, we went on with our day :) Today we got to be Johnny Appleseed! We made hats to look just like Johnny Appleseed :)



Next up, we got to make apple trees with our handprints! This is such a fun and easy math activity! I had my kiddos put numbers 1-5 on the fingers. Then, they glued the green handprint on the paper (not the fingers though) and glued the correct number of red sequins behind each finger. The sequins were our pretend apples!


You can grab the handprint that I used for this activity HERE

We read an Interactive Number 5 Math Reader! This mini math reader is for FREE!!


You can get this mini reader for free HERE

We made fingerprints with the color paint that was our favorite color apple from yesterday.

We turned the fingerprints into apples and wrote a sentence about what we see.

Then, we made a Johnny Appleseed Craft to go with our apples writing!


We used our whisper phones to read our sight word mini readers.

This picture right here just melts my heart! How adorable!! All of my kiddos are adorable! I am just so so so proud of their hard work, excitement for learning, and that they were reading these mini readers independently today! 
I LOVED having a room of little Johnny Appleseeds today!

We finished our writing books today too!
Remember this is one of my FREEBIES this week! Grab it HERE

It was FINALLY time for the applesauce!!! My room could not smell anymore amazing than it did today!! 
I took the lid off and this little boys reaction was priceless! It was exactly what I was thinking in my head. He was excitingly saying 'WOW' and I was excitingly saying in my head 'OMG!!! I can't believe I did it! I made applesauce!!" I was a nervous wreck all day that I was going to mess up the applesauce. I did not want to disappoint my kiddos!!

I gave each student a bowl and thought to myself 'Here goes nothing...'

 And... This was the result!! EMPTY BOWLS!!! They liked it!! Phew!!! :)

You can check out all of this Apple Week fun at my TPT Store by clicking HERE or on the picture below:

Some of the other activities that you saw from above came from some of my TPT Products. You can click on the pictures below to check them out!

Don't forget to grab the FREEBIES from above! There a a bunch! Here is one of the many FREEBIES in case you missed it. Grab it by clicking HERE or on the picture below.

The next 2 weeks will have fun and doing lots of learning with my Scarecrow Unit!! I absolutely can not wait to jump right into it on Monday. I just made some HUGE updates with my Scarecrow Unit. If you have my unit already, make sure to download it again to get the new updates :)
You can click HERE or on the picture below to cheek it out!

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