Sunday, August 24, 2014

2nd Week of School! + FREEBIES!

I can't believe how fast these first 2 weeks of school have gone! I am having so much fun with my new kindergarteners this year and I am so proud of how far they have come these past 2 weeks. They have really gotten down the procedures and the classroom rules. This has really allowed us to jump right in to learning!!

Here is what our week looked like. I have also added some FREEBIES, so make sure to grab them :)
We continued to work a lot on our names this week. Each of my kiddos are officially writing their names on their own! I am one proud teacher!

We unscrambled our names, wrote how many letters we have, and then sat together and sorted everyones names by how many letters they have.

We practiced writing our names by tracing, rainbow writing, and writing them. Then we unscrambled the letters and glued them in the correct order.

We made one of my favorite beginning of the year crafts! I have my students make themselves out of a circle and scrap paper. After they make the craft, I place foam letter stickers in the middle of their tables and they find the letters to spell their name. They always turn out ADORABLE, they are a lot of fun, and very easy prep! 


I have added the writing part to this craft for FREE. You can grab it HERE.

We also made a class book this week! I wanted to make a book that I can place in my classroom library for my students to get familiar with each others names and a book that they can read on their own! I had each student write their name and then decorate the first letter in their name. I then placed their picture on the page and put all of the pages together into a book.


We graphed how many letters we have in our names and collected the data.

We also finished our First Weeks of School Memory Book. They turned out great and my kiddos were so proud of them! So was I!!!

This is how my students see me... BALD!!! Hahaha! Too funny!!!

This week we focused on the Letters 'Oo' and 'Pp'. We worked a lot on letter formation and beginning sounds.

We also made my new Alphabet Hats! We made the Letter 'Pp' Hat. They turned out so cute and were a ton of fun! These alphabet hats focus on letter recognition, handwriting, and beginning sound match.

I had to join in on the fun!


In math, we focused all about the Number 1. Each day we filled in part of our Number 1 Board. Then we would do an activity to go along with the part that we filled in on the board.

We practiced writing and finding the number 1

Then, we rainbow wrote the number one and filled it with pretzel sticks since that reminded us of the number one.

We practice making and finding groups of one.


Then we learned about showing number one in a ten frame.

We used my super large number line to practice counting and each student got a turn to hop to the number one starting at zero.

We completed an Interactive Mini Reader all about the Number 1. Our sight word focus this week was 'see', so we practiced counting pictures and filling in the blanks with our sight word to make the sentences complete.

Guess What!! This Number One Interactive Mini Reader is FREE!! You can grab it HERE.

Last, we took all of our new knowledge about the number one and completed 'All About the Number One' on our own! I love giving my students stickers for this since that is a lot of new learning!!

That was what my 2nd week of school looked like with my kindergarteners! Such a FUN week and I can't wait for all we have to do next week! I hope you enjoyed the FREEBIES!!

A lot of the activities that you saw above came from some of my products in my TPT Store . You can click on the pictures below to grab these activities.

This was one of the FREEBIES!! Click on the picture in case you missed it above.

I hope you had a great and relaxing weekend! Have a wonderful week everyone!! :)
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