Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Monthly Vocabulary Words & Writing Books

I wanted to share with you all my Monthly Vocabulary Words and Writing Books. This is an activity that I use ALL year long and does so many wonderful things for my students.

I use these monthly vocabulary words and writing books in my writing center. Each month, I print and laminate 3 copies of the vocabulary page and place it in my writing center. I also make each student a writing book for the month. 

When, my students go to the writing center they take out the vocabulary page as well as their monthly writing book and use the vocabulary words as a visual and guide for their writing. I really encourage them to be creative, inventive, and independent with this activity. I have noticed a lot of confidence and pride that has been built in my students from these writing books.

They are also wonderful for teachers, parents, and students to see the development of their writing throughout the school year. I also love to allow time for my students to share a page or two from their writing books to the class. This is a HUGE confidence builder for them and seeing how proud the kiddos are of themselves is amazing!

- 12 Monthly Vocabulary Pages in both color and black and white (January-December)
- Monthly Writing Books (2 Versions)
   - 12 Large Writing Books
   - 12 Mini Writing Books
- Writing Pages for you to choose from
   - 8 Large Writing Book Pages (Primary and Single Lines)
   - 6 Mini Writing Books Pages (Primary and Single Lines)

Here is an example of the 2 different Writing Books:
Large Writing Book

Mini Writing Book

You can grab these Monthly Vocabulary Pages and Writing Books HERE or click on the picture below:

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